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Last Updated: 4 June 2015

The People Report provides contact information for Drosophila workers. The People data set is user maintained. FlyBase encourages you to keep your FlyBase contact information up to date by using the Add a New Person and Update Your Address forms.

The information contained in People is intended for the personal use of the Drosophila and scientific communities. These lists are the property of the FlyBase Consortium and they are not to be used for commercial purposes. Permission must be obtained from FlyBase if they are to be used for any purpose other than that intended by the Consortium.

This is a field-by-field guide to the People Report. Because People data are user maintained, the type of contact information in a given field may differ from the type FlyBase intended for that field.

Last Name Family name.
First Name Given name.
Department Intended for academic department or other institutional division, or building and room number.
Institution Intended for the name of a university, college, research institution, or commercial organization.
Address Intended for street address, Post Office Box number, or other specific address information.
City Self-explanatory.
State Self-explanatory.
Zip Mail code.
Country Self-explanatory.
E-mail Self-explanatory.
Telephone Self-explanatory.
Lab phone Self-explanatory.
Fax number Self-explanatory.
Personal URL Intended for web site URLs relevant to the person's role as a Drosophila worker.
Group Leader Intended to indicate that the person is a Principle Investigator or otherwise has primary responsibility for Drosophila-related groups and projects.