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FlyBase is a consortium of more than 30 curators, developers and PIs from four universities, supported by grants from the NIH and other organizations as well as users' website access fee. As for all scientists, citations are critical for demonstrating the value of our work to our funding sources. Therefore, if you have used FlyBase during your research project, we urge you to cite us in your published work.

Members of the FlyBase Consortium in 2023

We recommend that you cite our latest Genetics Knowledgebase and Database Resources publication:
Öztürk-Çolak et al. (2024). FlyBase: updates to the Drosophila genes and genomes database. Genetics 227(1): iyad211.

Alternatively, it may be more appropriate to cite this comprehensive guide to FlyBase:
Jenkins et al. (2022). Using FlyBase: A Database of Drosophila Genes and Genetics. Methods Mol. Biol. 2540(): 1--34.

Additional FlyBase publications on other topics are listed here.

In order to cite us, we suggest you modify and include one of the sentences below in the Methods section of your paper:

We used FlyBase (release XXX) to find information on phenotypes/function/stocks/gene expression (etc).
We used FlyBase (release XXX) to obtain the sequence/data/analysis/image (etc).

It's important to specify the FlyBase release (e.g. FB2023_05) as data content changes with each website update. The current release number is found in the header and footer of every FlyBase page.

For more information, see the related How to cite FlyBase video tutorial and our Author Guidelines.