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Last Updated: 14 October 2022

The Chemical Report provides information about chemicals that have been used experimentally in Drosophila to induce or modify pehnotypes or to evaluate toxicity.

This is a field-by-field guide to the information that is provided in the Chemical Report.

General Information

Name The name that FlyBase uses to identify a chemical. The name is generally taken from the ChEBI database. If there is no entry in ChEBI, the PubChem name is adopted.
FlyBase ID The Primary FlyBase identifier number of the chemical, used to uniquely identify the chemical in the database.

A chemical may also have any number of Secondary FlyBase identifier numbers, which are listed in the Secondary FlyBase IDs section of the Chemical Report.

ChEBI ID The chemical ID number used by ChEBI, the chemical database of EMBL-EBI. The format is CHEBI:ID.
ChEBI Name The chemical name used by ChEBI.
PubChem ID The chemical ID number used PubChem, the chemical database of NCBI.
PubChem Name The chemical name used by PubChem.
Chemical Structure An image of the chemical structure taken from ChEBI.
InChIKey The InChIKey identifier for the chemical.
Definition (ChEBI) The chemical definition take from ChEBI.
Roles Classification (ChEBI) The biological role take from ChEBI. Entities are classified on the basis of their role within a biological context, e.g. antibiotic, antiviral agent, coenzyme, hormone.
Comment Miscellaneous free text comments about the chemical or its use in particular studies.

Synonyms and Secondary IDs

Synonyms A list of names that have been used in the literature, or by FlyBase, to describe the chemical.
Secondary FlyBase IDs A list of Secondary FlyBase identifier numbers of the chemical.


A list of publications that discuss the use of chemical in Drosophila experiments, subdivided into fields by type of publication. Only those fields containing data are displayed in an individual Chemical Report.

The icon the top left of the list of publications lists export/download options. 'Filter' allows a text search of the publications associated with the chemical and there is a drop-down 'Sort by' option to order publications.