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Taxgroup Abbreviation Genus Species name Common name Comment NCBI ID
Uuuu unknown unknown species unknown taxon:32644
Zzzz artificial artificial artificial sequence taxon:81077
drosophilid Amag Amiota magna taxon:106234
drosophilid Apic Amiota picta taxon:188278
drosophilid Camo Chymomyza amoena taxon:7293
drosophilid Cbic Chymomyza bicolor taxon:30012
drosophilid Ccos Chymomyza costata taxon:76946
drosophilid Cpro Chymomyza procnemis taxon:59308
drosophilid Deni Dettopsomyia nigrovittata taxon:188280
drosophilid Dabu Drosophila aff. angustibucca taxon:218700
drosophilid Daca Drosophila acanthoptera taxon:51166
drosophilid Dacu Drosophila acutilabella taxon:133978
drosophilid Dada Drosophila adamsi taxon:309933
drosophilid Dadi Drosophila adiastola taxon:7261
drosophilid Dadu Drosophila adunca taxon:46893
drosophilid Daff Drosophila affinidisjuncta taxon:7262
drosophilid Dafs Drosophila affinis taxon:7246
drosophilid Dagl Drosophila aglaia
drosophilid Dagu Drosophila agumbensis
drosophilid Dalb Drosophila albomicans taxon:7291
drosophilid Dald Drosophila aldrichi taxon:169138
drosophilid Dalg Drosophila algonquin taxon:7247
drosophilid Dali Drosophila albirostris taxon:310056
drosophilid Dalo Drosophila alboralis taxon:93395
drosophilid Dalp Drosophila alpina taxon:80761
drosophilid Damb Drosophila ambigua taxon:7216
drosophilid Damx Drosophila americana taxon:40366
drosophilid Dame Drosophila americana americana taxon:95109
drosophilid Dana Drosophila ananassae taxon:7217
drosophilid Danc Drosophila anceps taxon:302448
drosophilid Dand Drosophila andaluciaca
drosophilid Dang Drosophila angularis taxon:309934
drosophilid Danm Drosophila annulimana taxon:213644
drosophilid Dann Drosophila annulipes taxon:157053
drosophilid Dano Drosophila anomelani
drosophilid Dant Drosophila antillea taxon:133984
drosophilid Dara Drosophila aracataca taxon:30016
drosophilid Darc Drosophila aracea taxon:309935
drosophilid Dari Drosophila arizonae taxon:7263
drosophilid Darr Drosophila ararama taxon:310057
drosophilid Darx Drosophila arawakana taxon:30017
drosophilid Darw Drosophila arawakana arawakana taxon:133982
drosophilid Dark Drosophila arawakana kittensis taxon:201951
drosophilid Darz Drosophila arizonensis
drosophilid Dasa Drosophila asahinai taxon:154832
drosophilid Dass Drosophila assita
drosophilid Dast Drosophila austrosaltans taxon:72469
drosophilid Data Drosophila atrata taxon:218677
drosophilid Dath Drosophila athabasca taxon:7248
drosophilid Dato Drosophila antonietae taxon:198036
drosophilid Datr Drosophila atripex taxon:60715
drosophilid Datt Drosophila attigua
drosophilid Daur Drosophila auraria taxon:47315
drosophilid Dawd Drosophila arawakana dominicensis taxon:133998
drosophilid Dazt Drosophila azteca taxon:7249
drosophilid Dbax Drosophila bai taxon:311478
drosophilid Dbai Drosophila baimaii taxon:137353
drosophilid Dbak Drosophila bakoue taxon:30018
drosophilid Dban Drosophila bandeirantorum taxon:213645
drosophilid Dbar Drosophila barbarae taxon:137354
drosophilid Dbdu Drosophila belladunni taxon:133993
drosophilid Dbia Drosophila biauraria taxon:73155
drosophilid Dbic Drosophila bicolor
drosophilid Dbif Drosophila bifasciata taxon:7218
drosophilid Dbii Drosophila biarmipes taxon:125945
drosophilid Dbim Drosophila bimorpha
drosophilid Dbio Drosophila bicornuta taxon:112146
drosophilid Dbip Drosophila bipectinata taxon:42026
drosophilid Dbir Drosophila birchii taxon:46829
drosophilid Dbis Drosophila biseriata taxon:137002
drosophilid Dbiu Drosophila bifurca taxon:77772
drosophilid Dbiz Drosophila bizonata taxon:188282
drosophilid Dboa Drosophila bocainensis
drosophilid Dboc Drosophila bocqueti taxon:74549
drosophilid Dbol Drosophila bocqueti-like taxon:137079
drosophilid Dbok Drosophila bocki taxon:103765
drosophilid Dbor Drosophila borealis taxon:40368
drosophilid Dbos Drosophila bostrycha taxon:46894
drosophilid Dbpo Drosophila bipolita taxon:251460
drosophilid Dbra Drosophila brachynephros taxon:106246
drosophilid Dbrb Drosophila borborema taxon:95451
drosophilid Dbrn Drosophila brncici taxon:306027
drosophilid Dbro Drosophila bromeliae taxon:7278
drosophilid Dbry Drosophila bryani
drosophilid Dbun Drosophila bunnanda taxon:244254
drosophilid Dbur Drosophila burlai taxon:137355
drosophilid Dbus Drosophila busckii taxon:30019
drosophilid Dbuz Drosophila buzzatii taxon:7264
drosophilid Dcad Drosophila cardinoides taxon:134000
drosophilid Dcai Drosophila caribiana taxon:133974
drosophilid Dcal Drosophila calloptera taxon:189256
drosophilid Dcam Drosophila camargoi taxon:30020
drosophilid Dcan Drosophila canalinea taxon:141216
drosophilid Dcap Drosophila capricorni taxon:46840
drosophilid Dcar Drosophila cardini taxon:133981
drosophilid Dcau Drosophila cauverii taxon:137356
drosophilid Dces Drosophila cestri taxon:306033
drosophilid Dcha Drosophila chauvacae taxon:154833
drosophilid Dchy Drosophila chayu taxon:320762
drosophilid Dcil Drosophila cilifemorata taxon:7287
drosophilid Dcit Drosophila ciliaticrus
drosophilid Dcla Drosophila claviseta
drosophilid Dcli Drosophila cilifera taxon:48309
drosophilid Dcly Drosophila claytonae
drosophilid Dcna Drosophila canapalpa taxon:170948
drosophilid Dcnd Drosophila canadiana taxon:139975
drosophilid Dcni Drosophila canipolita taxon:251459
drosophilid Dcnp Drosophila conspicua
drosophilid Dcns Drosophila constricta taxon:94112
drosophilid Dcog Drosophila cognata
drosophilid Dcol Drosophila colorata
drosophilid Dcon Drosophila confusa taxon:77771
drosophilid Dcor Drosophila cordata
drosophilid Dcra Drosophila crassifemur taxon:13053
drosophilid Dcru Drosophila crucigera taxon:46822
drosophilid Dcua Drosophila cuaso taxon:217136
drosophilid Dcub Drosophila cubana
drosophilid Dcur Drosophila curvispina taxon:126591
drosophilid Dcuv Drosophila curveadeagus taxon:320764
drosophilid Dcvi Drosophila curviceps taxon:157055
drosophilid Dcyr Drosophila cyrtoloma taxon:46895
drosophilid Ddac Drosophila dacunhai
drosophilid Ddar Drosophila daruma taxon:309936
drosophilid Ddas Drosophila dasycnemia taxon:58308
drosophilid Ddav Drosophila davidi taxon:65156
drosophilid Dddx Drosophila dunni taxon:133979
drosophilid Dddt Drosophila dunni thomasensis taxon:133983
drosophilid Dddu Drosophila dunni dunni taxon:133980
drosophilid Ddef Drosophila deflexa taxon:30021
drosophilid Ddes Drosophila desertorum
drosophilid Ddfl Drosophila deflecta taxon:198716
drosophilid Ddic Drosophila discreta
drosophilid Ddif Drosophila differens taxon:7219
drosophilid Ddim Drosophila dimorpha taxon:40845
drosophilid Ddip Drosophila diplacantha taxon:61426
drosophilid Ddis Drosophila disjuncta taxon:46796
drosophilid Ddol Drosophila dolichotarsis taxon:251463
drosophilid Ddos Drosophila dossoui taxon:60716
drosophilid Ddun Drosophila duncani
drosophilid Dele Drosophila elegans taxon:30023
drosophilid Dell Drosophila ellisoni taxon:170950
drosophilid Delp Drosophila elliptica
drosophilid Dema Drosophila emarginata taxon:30024
drosophilid Deng Drosophila engyochracea taxon:46797
drosophilid Deoh Drosophila eohydei taxon:54075
drosophilid Dequ Drosophila equinoxialis taxon:46790
drosophilid Derc Drosophila ercepeae taxon:42063
drosophilid Dere Drosophila erecta taxon:7220
drosophilid Derm Drosophila eremophila taxon:209067
drosophilid Desk Drosophila eskoi taxon:77128
drosophilid Deug Drosophila eugracilis taxon:29029
drosophilid Deur Drosophila euronotus taxon:55945
drosophilid Dexi Drosophila exigua
drosophilid Dezo Drosophila ezoana taxon:47313
drosophilid Dfal Drosophila falleni taxon:7279
drosophilid Dfas Drosophila fasciculisetae taxon:46823
drosophilid Dfic Drosophila ficusphila taxon:30025
drosophilid Dfim Drosophila fima taxon:30026
drosophilid Dfin Drosophila finitima
drosophilid Dfla Drosophila flavomontana taxon:40367
drosophilid Dflg Drosophila fulgida taxon:251453
drosophilid Dfle Drosophila flexa taxon:188275
drosophilid Dflp Drosophila flavopilosa
drosophilid Dflv Drosophila flavohirta taxon:310059
drosophilid Dflx Drosophila flexipes
drosophilid Dfor Drosophila formosana taxon:157056
drosophilid Dfra Drosophila fraburu taxon:30027
drosophilid Dfrm Drosophila formella
drosophilid Dfug Drosophila fungiperda taxon:251465
drosophilid Dful Drosophila fulvimacula
drosophilid Dfum Drosophila fumipennis taxon:126477
drosophilid Dfun Drosophila funebris taxon:7221
drosophilid Dfuv Drosophila fulvalineata
drosophilid Dfuy Drosophila fuyamai taxon:65963
drosophilid Dgan Drosophila gani taxon:311479
drosophilid Dgas Drosophila gasici taxon:306028
drosophilid Dgau Drosophila gaucha taxon:30028
drosophilid Dgib Drosophila gibberosa taxon:30029
drosophilid Dgnu Drosophila gunungcola taxon:103775
drosophilid Dgou Drosophila gouveai taxon:271516
drosophilid Dgre Drosophila greeni taxon:114631
drosophilid Dgri Drosophila grimshawi taxon:7222
drosophilid Dgrs Drosophila griseolineata taxon:189257
drosophilid Dgua Drosophila guanche taxon:7266
drosophilid Dgum Drosophila guaramunu taxon:30030
drosophilid Dgun Drosophila guarani taxon:30031
drosophilid Dgur Drosophila guaru taxon:207654
drosophilid Dgut Drosophila guttifera taxon:66368
drosophilid Dguy Drosophila guayllabambae taxon:242880
drosophilid Dgym Drosophila gymnobasis taxon:7267
drosophilid Dhaf Drosophila hamifera
drosophilid Dhal Drosophila haleakalae taxon:251467
drosophilid Dham Drosophila hamatofila taxon:95452
drosophilid Dhan Drosophila hanaulae taxon:48321
drosophilid Dhaw Drosophila hawaiiensis taxon:46435
drosophilid Dhee Drosophila heedi taxon:46799
drosophilid Dhel Drosophila helvetica taxon:77129
drosophilid Dhem Drosophila hemipeza taxon:46800
drosophilid Dhet Drosophila heteroneura taxon:32382
drosophilid Dhex Drosophila hexastigma taxon:103844
drosophilid Dhis Drosophila histrio taxon:198718
drosophilid Dhid Drosophila histrioides taxon:198717
drosophilid Dhua Drosophila huaylasi taxon:261055
drosophilid Dhub Drosophila hubeiensis taxon:57873
drosophilid Dhuc Drosophila huckinsi taxon:271513
drosophilid Dhui Drosophila huichole taxon:271512
drosophilid Dhyd Drosophila hydei taxon:7224
drosophilid Dhye Drosophila hydeoides taxon:309937
drosophilid Dhyp Drosophila hypocausta taxon:157293
drosophilid Diki Drosophila iki taxon:58311
drosophilid Dima Drosophila imaii taxon:44481
drosophilid Dimm Drosophila immigrans taxon:7250
drosophilid Dimp Drosophila imparisetae
drosophilid Dinc Drosophila inciliata
drosophilid Dinf Drosophila infuscata taxon:46809
drosophilid Ding Drosophila ingens taxon:48319
drosophilid Dini Drosophila insignita taxon:252918
drosophilid Dinn Drosophila innubila taxon:198719
drosophilid Dino Drosophila incompta taxon:306035
drosophilid Dins Drosophila insularis taxon:46792
drosophilid Diri Drosophila iri taxon:30032
drosophilid Djam Drosophila jambulina taxon:111875
drosophilid Dkal Drosophila kanapiae taxon:137072
drosophilid Dkan Drosophila kanekoi taxon:50033
drosophilid Dkep Drosophila kepulauana taxon:88882
drosophilid Dkha Drosophila khaoyana taxon:137069
drosophilid Dkik Drosophila kikkawai taxon:30033
drosophilid Dkit Drosophila kitumensis taxon:7280
drosophilid Dkoe Drosophila koepferae taxon:41375
drosophilid Dkoh Drosophila kohkoa taxon:88883
drosophilid Dkun Drosophila kuntzei taxon:42027
drosophilid Dlac Drosophila lacicola taxon:40369
drosophilid Dlae Drosophila lacertosa taxon:119604
drosophilid Dlah Drosophila lachaisei taxon:309917
drosophilid Dlai Drosophila latifshahi taxon:309938
drosophilid Dlar Drosophila lacteicornis taxon:67531
drosophilid Dlas Drosophila lasiopoda
drosophilid Dlat Drosophila latifasciaeformis taxon:30034
drosophilid Dleb Drosophila lebanonensis taxon:7225
drosophilid Dleo Drosophila leonis taxon:209068
drosophilid Dlet Drosophila leontia taxon:109356
drosophilid Dlev Drosophila levii taxon:207655
drosophilid Dlie Drosophila limensis taxon:77774
drosophilid Dlii Drosophila lini taxon:74550
drosophilid Dlix Drosophila cf. lini 'light form' taxon:137073
drosophilid Dlim Drosophila limbata taxon:42028
drosophilid Dlin Drosophila lineosetae taxon:46802
drosophilid Dlit Drosophila littoralis taxon:47316
drosophilid Dliu Drosophila liui taxon:212812
drosophilid Dlng Drosophila longicornis taxon:271511
drosophilid Dlon Drosophila longiperda taxon:251450
drosophilid Dlog Drosophila longiserrata taxon:311474
drosophilid Dlow Drosophila lowei taxon:7251
drosophilid Dluc Drosophila lucipennis taxon:73156
drosophilid Dlue Drosophila luteola
drosophilid Dlum Drosophila lummei taxon:40371
drosophilid Dlus Drosophila lusaltans taxon:72470
drosophilid Dlut Drosophila lutescens taxon:51159
drosophilid Dmac Drosophila macrothrix taxon:46811
drosophilid Dmad Drosophila madeirensis taxon:30013
drosophilid Dmaf Drosophila maculifrons taxon:30030
drosophilid Dmai Drosophila mayri taxon:137074
drosophilid Dmal Drosophila malagassya taxon:30035
drosophilid Dmar Drosophila macromaculata taxon:93402
drosophilid Dmax Drosophila macrospina
drosophilid Dmas Drosophila macrospina macrospina
drosophilid Dmat Drosophila malerkotliana taxon:30036
drosophilid Dmmm Drosophila malerkotliana malerkotliana taxon:195057
drosophilid Dmpl Drosophila malerkotliana pallens taxon:296644
drosophilid Dmau Drosophila mauritiana taxon:7226
drosophilid Dmay Drosophila mayaguana taxon:7268
drosophilid Dmcr Drosophila micromelanica taxon:189258
drosophilid Dmdf Drosophila mediodiffusa taxon:129248
drosophilid Dmdi Drosophila medioimpressa taxon:218681
drosophilid Dmdk Drosophila madikerii taxon:233251
drosophilid Dmda Drosophila medioconstricta taxon:311480
drosophilid Dmdl Drosophila mediodelta
drosophilid Dmdp Drosophila mediopicta taxon:213646
drosophilid Dmds Drosophila mediosignata taxon:213647
drosophilid Dmea Drosophila meridiana taxon:348017
drosophilid Dmed Drosophila mediopunctata taxon:161732
drosophilid Dmei Drosophila merina taxon:300357
drosophilid Dmel Drosophila melanogaster taxon:7227
drosophilid Dmen Drosophila melanica taxon:7252
drosophilid Dmep Drosophila mediopictoides taxon:30037
drosophilid Dmex Drosophila mercatorum taxon:7253
drosophilid Dmer Drosophila mercatorum mercatorum taxon:64960
drosophilid Dmes Drosophila mediostriata taxon:7269
drosophilid Dmet Drosophila mettleri taxon:7228
drosophilid Dmez Drosophila metzii taxon:218680
drosophilid Dmic Drosophila mimica taxon:7270
drosophilid Dmie Drosophila milleri taxon:72471
drosophilid Dmil Drosophila microlabis taxon:7281
drosophilid Dmim Drosophila mimetica taxon:30038
drosophilid Dmir Drosophila miranda taxon:7229
drosophilid Dmju Drosophila moju
drosophilid Dmla Drosophila melanoloma taxon:251447
drosophilid Dmli Drosophila macrospina limpiensis
drosophilid Dmll Drosophila mulli taxon:46807
drosophilid Dmln Drosophila melanocephala taxon:46804
drosophilid Dmlp Drosophila melanopalpa
drosophilid Dmls Drosophila melanosoma taxon:251466
drosophilid Dmlt Drosophila multiciliata taxon:251469
drosophilid Dmng Drosophila mangabeirai
drosophilid Dmnl Drosophila mainlandi taxon:348012
drosophilid Dmob Drosophila mojavensis baja
drosophilid Dmoi Drosophila monieri taxon:154831
drosophilid Dmoj Drosophila mojavensis taxon:7230
drosophilid Dmon Drosophila montana taxon:40370
drosophilid Dmor Drosophila moriwakii taxon:107829
drosophilid Dmpa Drosophila mercatorum pararepleta
drosophilid Dmri Drosophila meridionalis taxon:348027
drosophilid Dmro Drosophila macroptera taxon:188284
drosophilid Dmrp Drosophila murphyi
drosophilid Dmsp Drosophila mesophragmatica taxon:306029
drosophilid Dmrt Drosophila martensis taxon:95453
drosophilid Dmul Drosophila mulleri taxon:7231
drosophilid Dmun Drosophila munda taxon:198720
drosophilid Dmut Drosophila multispina
drosophilid Dmys Drosophila mysorensis
drosophilid Dnaf Drosophila nasuta F taxon:88887
drosophilid Dnag Drosophila nagarholensis taxon:137075
drosophilid Dnai Drosophila nasuta I taxon:88888
drosophilid Dnaj Drosophila nasuta J taxon:88889
drosophilid Dnan Drosophila nannoptera taxon:103845
drosophilid Dnar Drosophila narragansett taxon:7254
drosophilid Dnas Drosophila nasuta taxon:42062
drosophilid Dnst Drosophila nasutoides taxon:337076
drosophilid Dnav Drosophila navojoa taxon:7232
drosophilid Dneb Drosophila nebulosa taxon:7271
drosophilid Dnec Drosophila neocardini taxon:133992
drosophilid Dneh Drosophila neohydei
drosophilid Dnem Drosophila neomorpha taxon:133999
drosophilid Dnen Drosophila sulfurigaster neonasuta taxon:89889
drosophilid Dneo Drosophila neocordata taxon:30039
drosophilid Dnep Drosophila nepalensis
drosophilid Dnek Drosophila neokadai taxon:311476
drosophilid Dner Drosophila neorepleta taxon:348019
drosophilid Dnet Drosophila neotestacea taxon:38839
drosophilid Dnhy Drosophila neohypocausta taxon:157057
drosophilid Dngo Drosophila nigrodunni taxon:133975
drosophilid Dngr Drosophila nigribasis taxon:46820
drosophilid Dnic Drosophila nigricruria taxon:271514
drosophilid Dnid Drosophila nigrodumosa taxon:77773
drosophilid Dnig Drosophila nigra taxon:7272
drosophilid Dnih Drosophila nigrohydei taxon:95450
drosophilid Dnik Drosophila nikananu taxon:73157
drosophilid Dnil Drosophila nigella taxon:252916
drosophilid Dnim Drosophila nigromaculata taxon:198721
drosophilid Dnin Drosophila pseudoananassae nigrens taxon:296643
drosophilid Dnis Drosophila nigrospiracula taxon:57910
drosophilid Dniv Drosophila niveifrons taxon:43679
drosophilid Dnom Drosophila novemaristata taxon:306904
drosophilid Dnov Drosophila novamexicana taxon:47314
drosophilid Dnpe Drosophila neoperkinsi taxon:48320
drosophilid Dnpi Drosophila neopicta taxon:47048
drosophilid Doah Drosophila oahuensis taxon:46808
drosophilid Dobc Drosophila obscuripes taxon:46819
drosophilid Dobs Drosophila obscura taxon:7282
drosophilid Dobu Drosophila obscuroides taxon:320758
drosophilid Docc Drosophila occidentalis taxon:198722
drosophilid Docg Drosophila ochrogaster taxon:309918
drosophilid Doch Drosophila ochropleura taxon:251457
drosophilid Docr Drosophila ochrobasis
drosophilid Dogu Drosophila ogumai taxon:307244
drosophilid Dohn Drosophila ohnishii taxon:307242
drosophilid Doka Drosophila okadai taxon:311481
drosophilid Dora Drosophila ornatipennis taxon:133996
drosophilid Dore Drosophila orena taxon:7233
drosophilid Dorf Drosophila orthofascia
drosophilid Dori Drosophila orientacea taxon:119223
drosophilid Dorn Drosophila ornata taxon:46813
drosophilid Doro Drosophila orosa taxon:137076
drosophilid Dorp Drosophila orphnopeza
drosophilid Dors Drosophila oritisa taxon:157058
drosophilid Dort Drosophila ornatifrons taxon:30031
drosophilid Dpaa Drosophila pavani taxon:306031
drosophilid Dpac Drosophila pachea taxon:103846
drosophilid Dpae Drosophila cf. papuensis JLDL-2005 taxon:309919
drosophilid Dpai Drosophila pallidosa taxon:69217
drosophilid Dpal Drosophila pallidifrons taxon:88884
drosophilid Dpam Drosophila paramelanica taxon:311477
drosophilid Dpan Drosophila paraanthrax taxon:252917
drosophilid Dpap Drosophila pallidipennis taxon:30040
drosophilid Dpar Drosophila paranaensis taxon:271083
drosophilid Dpas Drosophila palustris taxon:95623
drosophilid Dpat Drosophila parasaltans
drosophilid Dpau Drosophila paulistorum taxon:46793
drosophilid Dpav Drosophila pavlovskiana taxon:46795
drosophilid Dpbp Drosophila parabipectinata taxon:186283
drosophilid Dpch Drosophila pachuca taxon:302447
drosophilid Dpcr Drosophila pictura
drosophilid Dpct Drosophila pictilis
drosophilid Dpec Drosophila peniculipedis
drosophilid Dpee Drosophila pennae taxon:306903
drosophilid Dpeg Drosophila pegasa
drosophilid Dpen Drosophila peninsularis taxon:30014
drosophilid Dper Drosophila persimilis taxon:7234
drosophilid Dpet Drosophila petalopeza taxon:58309
drosophilid Dpgt Drosophila paraguttata
drosophilid Dpha Drosophila phalerata taxon:7283
drosophilid Dphe Drosophila phaeopleura taxon:195712
drosophilid Dpic Drosophila picticornis taxon:7235
drosophilid Dpil Drosophila pilimana taxon:46824
drosophilid Dpin Drosophila pinicola taxon:7256
drosophilid Dpiv Drosophila pictiventris taxon:7255
drosophilid Dpla Drosophila planitibia taxon:7236
drosophilid Dpli Drosophila polita taxon:251468
drosophilid Dpme Drosophila paramediostriata taxon:218682
drosophilid Dpmo Drosophila polymorpha taxon:133991
drosophilid Dpol Drosophila polychaeta taxon:30041
drosophilid Dpos Drosophila prostopalpis
drosophilid Dpra Drosophila prolaticilia
drosophilid Dprc Drosophila procardinoides taxon:133994
drosophilid Dprg Drosophila paraguayensis taxon:218679
drosophilid Dpri Drosophila primaeva taxon:46814
drosophilid Dprl Drosophila paralutea taxon:186284
drosophilid Dprm Drosophila promeridiana
drosophilid Dprn Drosophila prolongata taxon:212811
drosophilid Dpro Drosophila prosaltans taxon:30042
drosophilid Dprp Drosophila propachuca taxon:271515
drosophilid Dprs Drosophila prostipennis taxon:94111
drosophilid Dprt Drosophila parthenogenetica taxon:133990
drosophilid Dpru Drosophila pruinosa taxon:312270
drosophilid Dprv Drosophila peruviana
drosophilid Dpsa Drosophila pseudoananassae taxon:65964
drosophilid Dpsp Drosophila pseudoananassae pseudoananassae taxon:65965
drosophilid Dpsb Drosophila pseudoobscura bogotana taxon:46244
drosophilid Dpse Drosophila pseudoobscura pseudoobscura taxon:46245
drosophilid Dpsi Drosophila parisiena taxon:214822
drosophilid Dpst Drosophila pseudotakahashii taxon:193234
drosophilid Dpsu Drosophila pseudosordidula taxon:311482
drosophilid Dpua Drosophila punalua taxon:46816
drosophilid Dpuc Drosophila pulchrella taxon:187394
drosophilid Dpug Drosophila pugionata
drosophilid Dpul Drosophila pullipes taxon:46821
drosophilid Dpun Drosophila punjabiensis taxon:60717
drosophilid Dput Drosophila putrida taxon:38840
drosophilid Dpuu Drosophila pulaua taxon:88885
drosophilid Dpvu Drosophila parvula taxon:137077
drosophilid Dqas Drosophila quasiexpansa taxon:252912
drosophilid Dqua Drosophila quadraria taxon:67532
drosophilid Dqud Drosophila quadrilineata
drosophilid Dqui Drosophila quinaria taxon:95624
drosophilid Dqur Drosophila quadrivittata taxon:93404
drosophilid Dqus Drosophila quasianomalipes taxon:46834
drosophilid Drac Drosophila racemova
drosophilid Draj Drosophila rajasekari taxon:192847
drosophilid Drct Drosophila recticilia
drosophilid Drec Drosophila recens taxon:55946
drosophilid Dred Drosophila reducta
drosophilid Drel Drosophila repletoides taxon:170952
drosophilid Drep Drosophila repleta taxon:30043
drosophilid Dric Drosophila richardsoni taxon:95454
drosophilid Drit Drosophila ritae taxon:348021
drosophilid Drob Drosophila robusta taxon:7257
drosophilid Drua Drosophila rufa taxon:67533
drosophilid Drbf Drosophila rubrifrons taxon:188277
drosophilid Drub Drosophila rubida taxon:30044
drosophilid Druf Drosophila rufifrons taxon:40844
drosophilid Drum Drosophila ruberrima taxon:98362
drosophilid Drur Drosophila rubra
drosophilid Dsal Drosophila saltans taxon:7273
drosophilid Dsan Drosophila santomea taxon:129105
drosophilid Dsbd Drosophila subbadia taxon:306036
drosophilid Dsbs Drosophila substenoptera taxon:46818
drosophilid Dsch Drosophila schildi taxon:218678
drosophilid Dsci Drosophila scitula taxon:251461
drosophilid Dsec Drosophila sechellia taxon:7238
drosophilid Dseg Drosophila seguyi taxon:73917
drosophilid Dsei Drosophila seriema taxon:271509
drosophilid Dser Drosophila serrata taxon:7274
drosophilid Dset Drosophila setosimentum taxon:46817
drosophilid Dsex Drosophila sexvittata taxon:106260
drosophilid Dsfu Drosophila subfunebris
drosophilid Dsia Drosophila siamana taxon:57059
drosophilid Dsig Drosophila similis grenadensis taxon:134001
drosophilid Dsix Drosophila similis taxon:133976
drosophilid Dsii Drosophila similis similis taxon:134002
drosophilid Dsil Drosophila silvestris taxon:47010
drosophilid Dsim Drosophila simulans taxon:7240
drosophilid Dsin Drosophila sinobscura taxon:57874
drosophilid Dsiv Drosophila silvarentis taxon:7275
drosophilid Dsla Drosophila sulfurigaster albostrigata taxon:89887
drosophilid Dslb Drosophila sulfurigaster bilimbata taxon:89888
drosophilid Dslf Drosophila sulfurigaster taxon:88886
drosophilid Dsoo Drosophila soonae taxon:58310
drosophilid Dsor Drosophila sordidula taxon:55950
drosophilid Dsp Drosophila sp. taxon:7242
drosophilid Dspa Drosophila subpalustris taxon:95625
drosophilid Dspe Drosophila spectabilis taxon:46833
drosophilid Dspn Drosophila spenceri taxon:209069
drosophilid Dspr Drosophila sproati taxon:7289
drosophilid Dsqu Drosophila subquinaria taxon:198725
drosophilid Dsri Drosophila serido taxon:95455
drosophilid Dssa Drosophila subsaltans taxon:72474
drosophilid Dsta Drosophila stalkeri taxon:95456
drosophilid Dste Drosophila sternopleuralis taxon:30046
drosophilid Dsti Drosophila stigma taxon:7290
drosophilid Dstm Drosophila starmeri taxon:95457
drosophilid Dsto Drosophila stonei taxon:7258
drosophilid Dstr Drosophila straubae taxon:214823
drosophilid Dsts Drosophila setosifrons taxon:46830
drosophilid Dstu Drosophila sturtevanti taxon:30047
drosophilid Dsua Drosophila subauraria taxon:137068
drosophilid Dsub Drosophila subobscura taxon:7241
drosophilid Dsuc Drosophila sucinea taxon:46791
drosophilid Dsue Drosophila subelegans taxon:309921
drosophilid Dsul Drosophila sulfurigaster sulfurigaster taxon:89890
drosophilid Dsuo Drosophila suboccidentalis taxon:198723
drosophilid Dsus Drosophila subsilvestris taxon:7239
drosophilid Dsut Drosophila subtilis
drosophilid Dsuz Drosophila suzukii taxon:28584
drosophilid Dtak Drosophila takahashii taxon:29030
drosophilid Dtai Drosophila tani taxon:137070
drosophilid Dtal Drosophila talamancana taxon:30048
drosophilid Dtan Drosophila tanythrix taxon:46827
drosophilid Dtei Drosophila teissieri taxon:7243
drosophilid Dtes Drosophila testacea taxon:38838
drosophilid Dtet Drosophila tetrachaeta
drosophilid Dtex Drosophila americana texana taxon:40372
drosophilid Dtol Drosophila tolteca taxon:7259
drosophilid Dtra Drosophila triauraria taxon:67534
drosophilid Dtre Drosophila trilutea taxon:94114
drosophilid Dtri Drosophila tristis taxon:7284
drosophilid Dtrl Drosophila trilimbata taxon:309924
drosophilid Dtrn Drosophila truncata taxon:137078
drosophilid Dtro Drosophila tropicalis taxon:46794
drosophilid Dtrp Drosophila tripunctata taxon:141217
drosophilid Dtrt Drosophila trilineata taxon:93406
drosophilid Dtru Drosophila truncipenna taxon:46831
drosophilid Dtrv Drosophila transversa taxon:193351
drosophilid Dtrz Drosophila trapezifrons taxon:94110
drosophilid Dtsa Drosophila tsacasi taxon:34677
drosophilid Dtsi Drosophila tsigana taxon:65966
drosophilid Dtsu Drosophila tsukubaensis taxon:77130
drosophilid Dunm Drosophila unimaculata taxon:311483
drosophilid Duni Drosophila unispina taxon:193352
drosophilid Dunp Drosophila unipunctata taxon:133997
drosophilid Duns Drosophila uniseta taxon:115075
drosophilid Dust Drosophila ustulata taxon:309939
drosophilid Dval Drosophila vallismaia taxon:30049
drosophilid Dvar Drosophila varians taxon:30050
drosophilid Dvir Drosophila virilis taxon:7244
drosophilid Dvra Drosophila viracochi taxon:306030
drosophilid Dvnz Drosophila venezolana taxon:95458
drosophilid Dvou Drosophila vouidibioi taxon:137079
drosophilid Dvul Drosophila vulcana taxon:132243
drosophilid Dwad Drosophila waddingtoni taxon:252922
drosophilid Dwas Drosophila wassermani taxon:103847
drosophilid Dwat Drosophila watanabei taxon:94109
drosophilid Dwhe Drosophila wheeleri taxon:7277
drosophilid Dwil Drosophila willistoni taxon:7260
drosophilid Dwts Drosophila sp. white tip scutellum white tipped scutellum taxon:58313
drosophilid Dyak Drosophila yakuba taxon:7245
drosophilid Dyoo Drosophila yooni taxon:46828
drosophilid Dyun Drosophila yunnanensis taxon:311475
drosophilid Dzot Drosophila zottii taxon:213648
drosophilid Exsp Exalloscaptomyza sp. taxon:132241
drosophilid Gbiv Gitona bivisualis taxon:188286
drosophilid Lacu Lordiphosa acutissima taxon:93392
drosophilid Land Lordiphosa andalousiaca taxon:30015
drosophilid Laer Liodrosophila aerea taxon:7295
drosophilid Lcla Lordiphosa clarofinis taxon:93397
drosophilid Lcol Lordiphosa collinella taxon:93398
drosophilid Lfen Lordiphosa fenestrarum taxon:140569
drosophilid Lkur Lordiphosa kurokawai taxon:93400
drosophilid Lmac Leucophenga maculata taxon:30051
drosophilid Lmag Lordiphosa magnipectinata taxon:140570
drosophilid Lmik Lordiphosa miki taxon:140571
drosophilid Lori Leucophenga orientalis taxon:106244
drosophilid Lpse Lordiphosa pseudotenuicauda taxon:93403
drosophilid Lsta Lordiphosa stackelbergi taxon:93405
drosophilid Lten Lordiphosa tenuicauda taxon:93393
drosophilid Msp1 Mycodrosophila n. sp. POG-2002 taxon:188287
drosophilid Msp2 Mycodrosophila n. sp. JLDL-2005 taxon:309940
drosophilid Mpoe Mycodrosophila poecilogastra taxon:93407
drosophilid Mshi Mycodrosophila shikokuana taxon:93408
drosophilid Mtak Mycodrosophila takachihonis taxon:93409
drosophilid Psp1 Paramycodrosophila n. sp. POG-2002 taxon:188288
drosophilid Robe Rhinoleucophenga obesa taxon:188290
drosophilid Sbro Scaptodrosophila brooksae taxon:189268
drosophilid Schi Scaptodrosophila hibisci taxon:184616
drosophilid Sadu Scaptomyza adusta taxon:46825
drosophilid Salb Scaptomyza albovittata taxon:7299
drosophilid Sano Scaptomyza anomala taxon:106253
drosophilid Scy3 Scaptomyza CY34 taxon:305592
drosophilid Selm Scaptomyza elmoi taxon:35655
drosophilid Sexi Scaptomyza exigua taxon:7301
drosophilid Sfla Stegana flavimana taxon:188293
drosophilid Sgra Scaptomyza graminum taxon:106258
drosophilid Sleo Samoaia leonensis taxon:30052
drosophilid Soka Scaptomyza okadai taxon:140573
drosophilid Spal Scaptomyza pallida taxon:7300
drosophilid Spam Scaptomyza palmae taxon:106256
drosophilid Spat Scaptodrosophila pattersoni taxon:223246
drosophilid Sph1 Sphaerogastrella n. sp. POG-2002 taxon:188291
drosophilid Zbad Zaprionus badyi taxon:76077
drosophilid Zbog Zaprionus bogoriensis taxon:309927
drosophilid Zcap Zaprionus capensis taxon:30053
drosophilid Zcer Zaprionus cercus taxon:309928
drosophilid Zghe Zaprionus ghesquierei taxon:284540
drosophilid Zind Zaprionus indianus taxon:76712
drosophilid Zine Zaprionus inermis taxon:30054
drosophilid Zkol Zaprionus kolodkinae taxon:184074
drosophilid Zlin Zaprionus lineosus taxon:30055
drosophilid Zmas Zaprionus mascariensis taxon:309931
drosophilid Zorn Zaprionus ornatus
drosophilid Zsep Zaprionus sepsoides taxon:30056
drosophilid Zspi Zaprionus spinipilus
drosophilid Ztar Zaprionus taronus taxon:30057
drosophilid Ztub Zaprionus tuberculatus taxon:7297
drosophilid Zver Zaprionus verruca taxon:76711
drosophilid Zvit Zaprionus vittiger taxon:223247
non-drosophilid eukaryote Aaeg Aedes aegypti mosquito taxon:7159
non-drosophilid eukaryote Afra Artemia franciscana taxon:6661
non-drosophilid eukaryote Agam Anopheles gambiae mosquito taxon:7165
non-drosophilid eukaryote Akap Acanthokara kaputensis taxon:62873
non-drosophilid eukaryote Alup Anarhichas lupus Atlantic wolffish taxon:8204
non-drosophilid eukaryote Amel Apis mellifera honey bee taxon:7460
non-drosophilid eukaryote Anid Aspergillus nidulans taxon:5072
non-drosophilid eukaryote Aper Antheraea pernyi silkmoth taxon:7119
non-drosophilid eukaryote Apun Arbacia punctulata taxon:7641
non-drosophilid eukaryote Arus Armoracia rusticana horseradish taxon:3704
non-drosophilid eukaryote Atha Arabidopsis thaliana taxon:3702
non-drosophilid eukaryote Avic Aequorea victoria taxon:6100
non-drosophilid eukaryote Bhyg Bradysia hygida taxon:35572
non-drosophilid eukaryote Bmor Bombyx mori silkmoth taxon:7091
non-drosophilid eukaryote Bmul Bungarus multicinctus many-banded krait taxon:102640
non-drosophilid eukaryote Bori Bombina orientalis taxon:8346
non-drosophilid eukaryote Bole Bactrocera oleae olive fruit fly taxon:104688
non-drosophilid eukaryote Btau Bos taurus cow taxon:9913
non-drosophilid eukaryote Calb Clogmia albipunctata mothmidge taxon:85120
non-drosophilid eukaryote Caur Carassius auratus goldfish taxon:7957
non-drosophilid eukaryote Ccap Ceratitis capitata medfly taxon:7213
non-drosophilid eukaryote Cele Caenorhabditis elegans taxon:6239
non-drosophilid eukaryote Cfam Canis familiaris dog taxon:9615
non-drosophilid eukaryote Cfus Coboldia fuscipes taxon:170625
non-drosophilid eukaryote Crei Chlamydomonas reinhardtii taxon:3055
non-drosophilid eukaryote Csam Chironomus samoensis midge taxon:39722
non-drosophilid eukaryote Cten Chironomus tentans taxon:7153
non-drosophilid eukaryote Cvic Calliphora vicina blowfly taxon:7373
non-drosophilid eukaryote Dmag Daphnia magna taxon:35525
non-drosophilid eukaryote Disc Discosoma sp. taxon:86600
non-drosophilid eukaryote Dple Danaus plexippus taxon:13037
non-drosophilid eukaryote Drer Danio rerio zebrafish taxon:7955
non-drosophilid eukaryote Ebal Episyrphus balteatus marmalade hoverfly taxon:286459
non-drosophilid eukaryote Eliv Empis livida taxon:178772
non-drosophilid eukaryote Ggal Gallus gallus chicken taxon:9031
non-drosophilid eukaryote Hame Hemitripterus americanus sea raven taxon:8094
non-drosophilid eukaryote Hcri Heteractis crispa leathery sea anemone taxon:175771
non-drosophilid eukaryote Hirr Haemotobia irritans horn fly taxon:7368
non-drosophilid eukaryote Hmag Hydra magnipapillata 6085 taxon: 6085
non-drosophilid eukaryote Hmed Hirudo medicinalis leech taxon:6421
non-drosophilid eukaryote Hplu Haematopota pluvialis taxon:178770
non-drosophilid eukaryote Hror Halocynthia roretzi sea squirt taxon:7729
non-drosophilid eukaryote Hrob Helobdella robusta leech taxon:6412
non-drosophilid eukaryote Hsap Homo sapiens human taxon:9606
non-drosophilid eukaryote Htri Helobdella triserialis taxon:6413
non-drosophilid eukaryote Hvir Heliothis virescens taxon:7102
non-drosophilid eukaryote Hvug Hordeum vulgare barley taxon:4513
non-drosophilid eukaryote Hvul Hydra vulgaris taxon:6087
non-drosophilid eukaryote Lopa Loligo opalescens squid taxon:31211
non-drosophilid eukaryote Lpol Limulus polyphemus horseshoe crab taxon:6850
non-drosophilid eukaryote Mabd Megaselia abdita taxon:88686
non-drosophilid eukaryote Msca Megaselia scalaris taxon:36166
non-drosophilid eukaryote Maur Mesocricetus auratus Syrian hamster taxon:10036
non-drosophilid eukaryote Mdoa Musca domestica housefly taxon:7370
non-drosophilid eukaryote Mdom Mus domesticus mouse taxon:10092
non-drosophilid eukaryote Mmmm mammal unknown "mammal, species unknown" taxon:40674
non-drosophilid eukaryote Mmus Mus musculus mouse mouse taxon:10090
non-drosophilid eukaryote Msex Manduca sexta tobacco hornworm taxon:7130
non-drosophilid eukaryote Muni Muscidifurax uniraptor taxon:7429
non-drosophilid eukaryote Mus Mus unknown mouse "mouse, species unknown" taxon:10095
non-drosophilid eukaryote Ncra Neurospora crassa taxon:5141
non-drosophilid eukaryote Ocun Oryctolagus cuniculus rabbit taxon:9986
non-drosophilid eukaryote Pame Pseudopleuronectes americanus taxon:8265
non-drosophilid eukaryote Pcoe Precis coenia peacock butterfly taxon:39708
non-drosophilid eukaryote Pcon Platypeza consobrina flat-footed fly taxon:289242
non-drosophilid eukaryote Pfal Plasmodium falciparum malaria taxon:5833
non-drosophilid eukaryote Ppen Photuris pennsylvanica taxon:41716
non-drosophilid eukaryote Ppyr Photinus pyralis taxon:7054
non-drosophilid eukaryote Rat Rattus unknown rat species unknown taxon:10118
non-drosophilid eukaryote Rcom Ricinus communis taxon:3988
non-drosophilid eukaryote Rmic Romalea microptera grasshopper taxon:7007
non-drosophilid eukaryote Rnor Rattus norvegicus rat taxon:10116
non-drosophilid eukaryote Rrat Rattus rattus rat taxon:10117
non-drosophilid eukaryote Rren Renilla reniformis sea pansy taxon:6136
non-drosophilid eukaryote Same Schistocerca americana taxon:7009
non-drosophilid eukaryote Scal Stomoxys calcitrans taxon:35570
non-drosophilid eukaryote Scar Sacculina carcini barnacle taxon:51650
non-drosophilid eukaryote Scer Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast taxon:4932
non-drosophilid eukaryote Sklu Saccharomyces kluyveri taxon:4934
non-drosophilid eukaryote Scop Sciara coprophila fungus fly taxon:38358
non-drosophilid eukaryote Sgre Schistocerca gregaria taxon:7010
non-drosophilid eukaryote Sjap Schistosoma japonicum taxon:6182
non-drosophilid eukaryote Sper Sarcophaga peregrina flesh fly taxon:7386
non-drosophilid eukaryote Spom Schizosaccharomyces pombe fission yeast taxon:4896
non-drosophilid eukaryote Srac Syncephalastrum racemosum taxon:13706
non-drosophilid eukaryote Sscr Sus scrofa pig taxon:9823
non-drosophilid eukaryote Taes Triticum aestivum wheat taxon:4565
non-drosophilid eukaryote Tcas Tribolium castaneum flour beetle taxon:7070
non-drosophilid eukaryote Tmar Torpedo marmorata taxon:7788
non-drosophilid eukaryote Tni Trichoplusia ni taxon:7111
non-drosophilid eukaryote Vvvv vertebrate unknown "vertebrate, species unknown" taxon:7742
non-drosophilid eukaryote Xlae Xenopus laevis taxon:8355
non-drosophilid eukaryote Acheta domestica cricket taxon:6997
non-drosophilid eukaryote Anastrepha suspensa taxon:28587
non-drosophilid eukaryote Aplysia californica taxon:6500
non-drosophilid eukaryote Artemia salina taxon:85549
non-drosophilid eukaryote Asobara tabida taxon:58720
non-drosophilid eukaryote Aspergillus fumigatus taxon:5085
non-drosophilid eukaryote Avena sativa taxon:4498
non-drosophilid eukaryote Bactrocera cucurbitae taxon:28588
non-drosophilid eukaryote Bactrocera dorsalis taxon:27457
non-drosophilid eukaryote Bactrocera tryoni taxon:59916
non-drosophilid eukaryote Beauveria bassiana taxon:5582
non-drosophilid eukaryote Bithynia tentaculata taxon:6478
non-drosophilid eukaryote Blastocladiella emersonii taxon:4808
non-drosophilid eukaryote Bungarus fasciatus taxon:8613
non-drosophilid eukaryote Candida albicans taxon:5476
non-drosophilid eukaryote Copidosoma floridanum taxon:29053
non-drosophilid eukaryote Coridothymus capitatus
non-drosophilid eukaryote Cricetulus griseus taxon:10029
non-drosophilid eukaryote Cryptops apomalans taxon:7545
non-drosophilid eukaryote Cupiennius salei taxon:6928
non-drosophilid eukaryote Dictyostelium discoideum slime mould taxon:44689
non-drosophilid eukaryote Dipodascopsis uninucleata taxon:27313
non-drosophilid eukaryote Dolichovespula maculata taxon:7441
non-drosophilid eukaryote Electrophorus electricus taxon:8005
non-drosophilid eukaryote Euscelis plebejus taxon:6827
non-drosophilid eukaryote Geotrichum candidum taxon:27317
non-drosophilid eukaryote Hyalophora cecropia taxon:7123
non-drosophilid eukaryote Kluyveromyces lactis taxon:28985
non-drosophilid eukaryote Leptopilina boulardi taxon:63433
non-drosophilid eukaryote Lithobius forficatus taxon:7552
non-drosophilid eukaryote Locusta migratoria taxon:7004
non-drosophilid eukaryote Loligo unknown squid squid taxon:55716
non-drosophilid eukaryote Lucilia cuprina sheep blowfly taxon:7375
non-drosophilid eukaryote Metarhizium anisopliae taxon:5530
non-drosophilid eukaryote Oncopeltus fasciatus milkweed bug taxon:7536
non-drosophilid eukaryote Oncorhynchus mykiss taxon:8022
non-drosophilid eukaryote Origanum vulgare taxon:39352
non-drosophilid eukaryote Oryza sativa rice taxon:4530
non-drosophilid eukaryote Oryzias latipes taxon:8090
non-drosophilid eukaryote Ovis aries taxon:9940
non-drosophilid eukaryote Pan troglodytes taxon:9598
non-drosophilid eukaryote Paracentrotus lividus taxon:7656
non-drosophilid eukaryote Parastichopus parvimensis taxon:7690
non-drosophilid eukaryote Petromyzon marinus taxon:7757
non-drosophilid eukaryote Pholcus phalangoides taxon:6932
non-drosophilid eukaryote Phoneutria nigriventer taxon:6918
non-drosophilid eukaryote Phormia terranovae taxon:34676
non-drosophilid eukaryote Platynereis dumerilii taxon:6359
non-drosophilid eukaryote Pontastacus leptodactylus taxon:6717
non-drosophilid eukaryote Psychoda cinerea taxon:7202
non-drosophilid eukaryote Raphanus sativus taxon:3726
non-drosophilid eukaryote Riccia fluitans taxon:41844
non-drosophilid eukaryote Sarcophaga sp. taxon:7384
non-drosophilid eukaryote Satureja thymbra taxon:306404
non-drosophilid eukaryote Satureja zhymbra taxon:49989
non-drosophilid eukaryote Schultesia lampyridiformis taxon:36965
non-drosophilid eukaryote Spisula solidissima taxon:6584
non-drosophilid eukaryote Spodoptera frugiperda taxon:7108
non-drosophilid eukaryote Strongylocentrotus purpuratus taxon:7668
non-drosophilid eukaryote Tachypleus tridentatus taxon:6853
non-drosophilid eukaryote Tenebrio leptodactylus
non-drosophilid eukaryote Tenebrio molitor taxon:7067
non-drosophilid eukaryote Tetrahymena unknown taxon:5890
non-drosophilid eukaryote Thermobia domestica firebrat taxon:89055
non-drosophilid eukaryote Torpedo californica taxon:7787
non-drosophilid eukaryote Toxotrypana curvicauda taxon:28619
non-drosophilid eukaryote Tripneustes gratilla taxon:7673
non-drosophilid eukaryote Tritrichomonas foetus taxon:5724
non-drosophilid eukaryote Trypanosoma brucei taxon:5691
non-drosophilid eukaryote Vespula vulgaris taxon:7454
prokaryote Bper Bordetella pertussis taxon:520
prokaryote BSc Bluescript M13+/- KS derivative Bluescript M13+/-KS derivative taxon:39793
prokaryote Cbot Clostridium botulinum taxon:1491
prokaryote ColE1 plasmid (Escherichia coli) plasmid ColE1 taxon:2443
prokaryote Ctet Clostridium tetani taxon:1513
prokaryote Ecol Escherichia coli taxon:562
prokaryote Flav Flavobacterium ATCC27551 taxon:74567
prokaryote Pdim Pseudomonas diminuta taxon:293
prokaryote Poke Planomicrobium okeanokoites taxon:244
prokaryote Pstu Providencia stuartii taxon:588
prokaryote pSC101 psC101 plasmid (Salmonella typhimurium) plasmid pSC101 plasmid pSC101 (Salmonella typhimurium) taxon:2625
prokaryote Shyg Streptomyces hygroscopicus taxon:1912
prokaryote Sliv Streptomyces lividans taxon:1916
prokaryote Styp Salmonella typhimurium taxon:602
prokaryote Vcho Vibrio cholerae taxon:666
prokaryote Wolbachia Wolbachia species taxon:953
prokaryote Wpip Wolbachia pipientis taxon:955
prokaryote Bacillus sp. taxon:1409
prokaryote Bhal Bacillus halodurans taxon:86665
prokaryote Bacillus megaterium taxon:1404
prokaryote Bacillus subtilis taxon:1423
prokaryote Bacillus thuringiensis taxon:1428
prokaryote Enterobacter cloacae taxon:550
prokaryote Enterococcus faecalis taxon:1351
prokaryote Pectobacterium carotovorum taxon:554
prokaryote Pectobacterium carotovorum carotovorum taxon:555
prokaryote Haemophilus influenzae taxon:727
prokaryote Listeria monocytogenes taxon:1639
prokaryote Micrococcus luteus taxon:1270
prokaryote Methanococcus jannaschii taxon:2190
prokaryote Mycobacterium fortuitum taxon:1766
prokaryote Pseudomonas aeruginosa taxon:287
prokaryote Rhodobacter sphaeroides taxon:1063
prokaryote Saur Staphylococcus aureus taxon:1280
prokaryote Spiroplasma poulsonii taxon:2138
prokaryote Sulfolobus solfataricus taxon:2287
prokaryote Synechocystis sp. taxon:1143
prokaryote Wolbachia (Muscidifurax uniraptor) taxon:77037
prokaryote Yarrowia lipolytica taxon:4952
transposable element 1360 1360 element (D. melanogaster) 1360 element of D. melanogaster
transposable element 17.6 17.6 element (D. melanogaster) 17.6 element of D. melanogaster
transposable element 1731 1731 element (D. melanogaster) 1731 element of D. melanogaster
transposable element 297 297 element (D. melanogaster) 297 element of D. melanogaster
transposable element 3S18 3S18 element (D. melanogaster) 3S18 element of D. melanogaster
transposable element 412 412 element (D. melanogaster) 412 element of D. melanogaster
transposable element Bari1 Bari1 element (D. melanogaster) Bari1 element of D. melanogaster
transposable element Bari2 Bari2 element (D. melanogaster) Bari2 element of D. melanogaster
transposable element blastopia blastopia element (D. melanogaster) blastopia element of D. melanogaster
transposable element blood blood element (D. melanogaster) blood element of D. melanogaster
transposable element BS BS element (D. melanogaster) BS element of D. melanogaster
transposable element Burdock Burdock element (D. melanogaster) Burdock element of D. melanogaster
transposable element Circe Circe element (D. melanogaster) Circe element of D. melanogaster
transposable element copia copia element (D. melanogaster) copia element of D. melanogaster
transposable element cruiser cruiser element (D. melanogaster) cruiser element of D. melanogaster
transposable element D-element D-element (D. melanogaster) D-element of D. melanogaster
transposable element Dm88 Dm88 element (D. melanogaster) Dm88 element of D. melanogaster
transposable element Doc Doc element (D. melanogaster) Doc element of D. melanogaster
transposable element F-element F-element (D. melanogaster) F-element of D. melanogaster
transposable element flea flea element (D. melanogaster) flea element of D. melanogaster
transposable element frogger frogger element (D. melanogaster) frogger element of D. melanogaster
transposable element GATE GATE element (D. melanogaster) GATE element of D. melanogaster
transposable element GRT-G1-element GRT-G1-element element (D. melanogaster) GRT-G1-element element of D. melanogaster
transposable element gypsy gypsy element (D. melanogaster) gypsy element of D. melanogaster
transposable element hobo hobo element (D. melanogaster) hobo element of D. melanogaster
transposable element HB HB element (D. melanogaster) HB element of D. melanogaster
transposable element Helena Helena element (D. melanogaster) Helena element of D. melanogaster
transposable element HeT-A HeT-A element (D. melanogaster) HeT-A element of D. melanogaster
transposable element HMS-Beagle HMS-Beagle element (D. melanogaster) HMS-Beagle element of D. melanogaster
transposable element I-element I element (D. melanogaster) I element of D. melanogaster
transposable element Idefix Idefix element (D. melanogaster) Idefix element of D. melanogaster
transposable element invader3 invader3 element (D. melanogaster) invader3 element of D. melanogaster
transposable element Ivk Ivk element (D. melanogaster) Ivk element of D. melanogaster
transposable element jockey jockey element (D. melanogaster) jockey element of D. melanogaster
transposable element Juan Juan element (D. melanogaster) Juan element of D. melanogaster
transposable element Max-element Max-element element (D. melanogaster) Max-element element of D. melanogaster
transposable element M mariner element (D. mauritiana) mariner element of D. mauritiana
transposable element McClintock McClintock element (D. melanogaster) McClintock element of D. melanogaster
transposable element mdg1 mdg1 element (D. melanogaster) mdg1 of D. melanogaster
transposable element mdg3 mdg3 element (D. melanogaster) mdg3 of D. melanogaster
transposable element Mi Minos element (D. hydei) Minos element of D. hydei
transposable element micropia micropia element (D. melanogaster) micropia element of D. melanogaster
transposable element midline-jumper midline-jumper element (D. melanogaster) midline-jumper element of D. melanogaster
transposable element NOF NOF element (D. melanogaster) NOF element of D. melanogaster
transposable element opus opus element (D. melanogaster) opus element of D. melanogaster
transposable element P-element P-element (D. melanogaster) P-element of D. melanogaster
transposable element piggyBac piggyBac element (Trichoplusia ni) piggyBac element of Trichoplusia ni
transposable element pilger pilger element (D. melanogaster) pilger element of D. melanogaster
transposable element Pilgrim Pilgrim element (D. melanogaster) Pilgrim element of D. melanogaster
transposable element pogo pogo element (D. melanogaster) pogo element of D. melanogaster
transposable element qbert qbert element (D. melanogaster) qbert element of D. melanogaster
transposable element Quasimodo Quasimodo element (D. melanogaster) Quasimodo element of D. melanogaster
transposable element R1-element R1-element (D. melanogaster) R1-element of D. melanogaster
transposable element R2-element R2 element (D. melanogaster) R2 element of D. melanogaster
transposable element Penelope Penelope element (D. melanogaster) Penelope of D. melanogaster
transposable element roo roo element (D. melanogaster) roo of D. melanogaster
transposable element rover rover element (D. melanogaster) rover element of D. melanogaster
transposable element Rt1b Rt1b element (D. melanogaster) Rt1b element of D. melanogaster
transposable element Rt1a Rt1a element (D. melanogaster) Rt1a element of D. melanogaster
transposable element S-element S-element (D. melanogaster) S-element of D. melanogaster
transposable element springer springer element (D. melanogaster) springer element of D. melanogaster
transposable element Stalker Stalker element (D. melanogaster) Stalker element of D. melanogaster
transposable element Stalker2 Stalker2 element (D. melanogaster) Stalker2 element of D. melanogaster
transposable element Stalker4 Stalker4 element (D. melanogaster) Stalker4 element of D. melanogaster
transposable element Tabor Tabor element (D. melanogaster) Tabor element of D. melanogaster
transposable element TART-element TART element (D. melanogaster) TART element of D. melanogaster
transposable element Tirant Tirant element (D. melanogaster) Tirant element of D. melanogaster
transposable element Tn bacterial transposon taxon:2387
transposable element Tn10 bacterial Transposon Tn10 Transposon Tn10 of bacteria taxon:2389
transposable element Tn5 bacterial Transposon Tn5 Transposon Tn5 of bacteria taxon:2411
transposable element Tn9 Transposon Tn9 (Escherichia coli) taxon:2417
transposable element Tn903 bacterial Transposon Tn903 Transposon Tn903 of bacteria taxon:2414
transposable element Transpac Transpac (D. melanogaster) Transpac of D. melanogaster
transposable element X-element X-element (D. melanogaster) X-element of D. melanogaster
transposable element You You element (D. melanogaster) You element of D. melanogaster
transposable element yoyo yoyo element (D. melanogaster) yoyo element of D. melanogaster
transposable element ZAM ZAM element (D. melanogaster) ZAM element of D. melanogaster
virus _ Lambda-like viruses Enterobacteria phage lambda lambda phage taxon:10710
virus Abelson Murine leukemia virus Abelson leukemia virus taxon:11788
virus Adeno5 Human adenovirus C Human adenovirus type 5 taxon:28285
virus ALV Alpharetrovirus Avian leukemia virus E26 taxon:11913
virus AMV Alpharetrovirus Avian myeloblastosis virus taxon:11866
virus BacA Nucleopolyhedrovirus Autographa californica nucleopolyhedrovirus taxon:46015
virus BBV Alphanodavirus Black Beetle virus taxon:12285
virus NPV(Bm) Nucleopolyhedrovirus Bombyx mori nuclear polyhedrosis virus taxon:10458
virus NPV(Sl) Nucleopolyhedrovirus Spodoptera littoralis nuclear polyhedrosis virus taxon:10456
virus BPV-1 Deltapapillomavirus bovine papillomavirus type 1 taxon:10559
virus Cb_ Lambda-like viruses Corynephage _ taxon:10703
virus Cmeg Betaherpesvirus Cytomegalovirus virus taxon:10358
virus CPV Cripavirus Cricket Paralysis virus taxon:12136
virus CV Orthopoxvirus Cowpox virus Cowpox taxon:10243
virus DAV unknown Drosophila A virus
virus DCV Cripavirus Drosophila C virus taxon:64279
virus DPV unknown Drosophila P virus
virus DS unknown DS virus
virus EBV Lymphocryptovirus Cercopithecine herpesvirus 15 Epstein Barr virus taxon:45455
virus FHV Alphanodavirus Flock House virus taxon:12287
virus HIV-1 Lentivirus Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 taxon:11676
virus HPS-1 unknown HPS-1 virus
virus Hsim Simplexvirus Herpes simplex virus Type 1 taxon:10298
virus Ivir Orthomixovirus Influenza virus Influenza virus taxon:11309
virus LTSV Sobemovirus Lucerne transient streak virus Australian strain taxon:12470
virus M13 Inovirus Enterobacteria phage M13 phage M13mp8 taxon:10870
virus MH2 Alpharetrovirus Avian carcinoma Mill Hill virus 2 Avian retrovirus MH2 taxon:11870
virus MS2 Levivirus Enterobacteria phage MS2 phage MS2 taxon:12022
virus MNPV(Op) Nucleopolyhedrovirus Orgyia pseudotsugata single capsid nuclopolyhedrovirus taxon:10450
virus P1 P1-like viruses Enterobacteria phage P1 phage P1 taxon:10678
virus phiC31 fC31-like viruses Streptomyces bacteriophage fC31 phage phi-C31 taxon:10719
virus PV Polyomavirus Polyoma virus taxon:10632
virus ReoK Reovirus Drosophila K virus
virus Sigma Rhabdovirus Sigma virus taxon:11301
virus SP6 T7-like viruses Enterobacteria phage SP6 phage SP6 taxon:10761
virus SpV3 unknown SpV3 virus
virus SV40 Polyomavirus Simian virus 40 taxon:10633
virus SV5 Rubulavirus Simian virus 5 taxon:11207
virus T3 T7-like viruses T3 Enterobacteria phage T3 phage T3 taxon:10759
virus T4 T4-like viruses Enterobacteria phage T4 phage T4 taxon:10665
virus T7 T7-like viruses Enterobacteria phage T7 phage T7 taxon:10760
virus VSV Vesiculovirus Vesicular Stomatitis virus taxon:11276
virus Bisnavirus Bisnavirus unknown Bisnavirus
virus Boolarra Alphanodavirus Boolarra virus taxon:12286
virus Chandipura Vesiculovirus Chandipura virus taxon:11272
virus X virus Aquabirnavirus Drosophila X virus taxon:48981
virus F virus Idnoreovirus Drosophila F virus
virus Iota unknown Iota virus
virus Isfahan Vesiculovirus Isfahan virus
virus MNP(Ld) Nucleopolyhedrovirus Lymantria dispar multinucleocapsid nuclear polyhedrosis virus taxon:10449
virus NP(Bs) Nucleopolyhedrovirus Buzura suppressaria nuclear polyhedrosis virus taxon:74320
virus NP(Ls) Nucleopolyhedrovirus Leucania separata nuclear polyhedrosis virus 41714 taxon: 41714
virus Piry Vesiculovirus Piry virus taxon:11274
virus Rabies Lyssavirus Rabies virus taxon:11292
virus Sindbis Alphavirus Sindbis virus taxon:11034