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Wed, Dec 11 - Thu, Dec 12

Pre-meetings: Mon, Dec 09 - Tues, Dec 10



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Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Meeting Map of Harvard University / Cambridge
(About ~1 mile between the two most distant points.)

Monday and Tuesday Pre-Meetings

Dec 09 - Dec 10

Biological Laboratories

16 Divinity Ave, Cambridge

All rooms in Biolabs, see address in the left column.


Room 1065: Technical Meeting

Tuesday Morning:

Morning session rooms: please see agenda.

Tuesday Afternoon WG Rooms:

Room 1065: Phenotypes / Variants

Room 1058: Gene Descriptions / Expression

Room 2025: Interactions

Room 2062:Technical / Tech Strategist

Google Map Link

Please see bottom right X on map.

Wednesday and Thursday Meetings

Dec 11 - Dec 12

Pierce Hall

29 Oxford St., Cambridge

Room 301

Pierce Hall

29 Oxford St., Cambridge

Google Map Link

Please see bottom left X on map.

On-campus internet: We recommend using 'eduroam' for internet connectivity while at Harvard, more info at: Harvard also supplies an open wifi guest network but eduroam is typically faster.


Main Meeting (Wed / Thurs):

Main Meeting Agenda (Working Draft).

Pre-Meetings (Mon / Tues):

Monday Technical

Tuesday Technical

Tuesday Overall Schedule

Tuesday Discussion Subjects

Other meeting documents, including session-specific agendas, are available in the Google Drive folder.


Porter sq resize.jpg Porter Square Hotel

1924 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02140, USA

+1 617-499-3399

Room Reservation Code: F2FMTG YOU MUST CALL 617-499-3399 TO USE CODE

THIS BLOCK EXPIRED 19-July-2019, however rooms MAY be available at these prices

Prices below do not include a 14.45% per night tax.

Petite Twin $169
Petite Queen $179
Deluxe Twin $189
Deluxe Queen $199
Queen Suites $209


Logan International Airport Boston provides free public transportation from the airport via the MBTA Silver Line shuttle bus.

Board the Silver Line Route SL1 bus to South Station from the airport (walk on, no ticket required) and transfer at South Station to the Red Line towards Alewife.

Once on the red line, exit at Porter Square for the Porter Square hotel or depart one stop earlier at Harvard University.

Uber, Lyft, taxis, and shuttles are also available. Please see the Logan Airport Transportation page for more information.

Parking If you require parking, please contact Carol Sutherland (

Nearby Dining Options for Pre-Meetings

Dining Options for Alliance Pre-Meetings.