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To return to FlyBase, see FlyBase Gene Report: Has FlyBase identifier::FBgn0267522.html Dmel\28SrRNA-Ψ:CR45862.

Symbol Dmel\28SrRNA-Ψ:CR45862
Name Has current name::28S ribosomal RNA pseudogene:CR45862
Species Has genus::Drosophila Has species::melanogaster
Annotation symbol Has current annotation symbol::CR45862
FlyBase ID Has FlyBase identifier::FBgn0267522

The gene 28S ribosomal RNA pseudogene:CR45862 is referred to in FlyBase by the symbol Dmel\28SrRNA-Ψ:CR45862 (CR45862, FBgn0267522). It is a pseudogene_attribute from Drosophila melanogaster. It has one annotated transcript. Gene sequence location is X:23278007..23280010. Its molecular function is unknown. The biological processes in which it is involved are not known. No alleles are reported.