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Last Updated: 13 Dec. 2017

The Stock Report provides information on Drosophila stocks in stock centers and laboratories that have made their stock lists available to FlyBase. Most of these stocks exist as living cultures; some stock centers also offer ethanol-preserved specimens and/or purified genomic DNA, typically for wild-type for species other than D. melanogaster. FlyBase captures the collection's genetic description of each strain and, when available, provides links to a collection's web site for additional stock information.

Requests for stocks and all other stock-related communications should be directed to the provider of the stock rather than to FlyBase.

This is a field-by-field guide to the information that is provided in the Stock Report.

General Information

Collection The name that FlyBase uses for the collection that includes this stock. If the collection maintains a web site the name links to that site.
Collection Type FlyBase types stock collections as either stock center collection or laboratory collection. Stock centers are organized for the purpose of collecting and distributing strains and are funded for this activity. Laboratory collections grow out of research-driven activities and typically use research funds for maintenance and distribution. Stocks should be requested from a laboratory collection only when they are unavailable from a stock center.
Stock Number The numeric or alphanumeric identifier used by the collection for the stock, if available. Stock Number is linked to the collection's web page for that stock if a page is available.
Species The organism that the strain originates from, with the initial letter of the genus and the full species name listed.
FlyBase ID The FlyBase identifier number of the stock, used to uniquely identify the stock in the database.
Stock List Description The genetic description of the strain as provided to FlyBase. The Stock List Description frequently differs from the FlyBase Genotype by inclusion of genetic markers within a transgenic construct insertion.
FlyBase Genotype The Stock List Description represented in valid FlyBase nomenclature. Genotype components are linked to their respective FlyBase reports. FlyBase curates genotypes for the stock center collections and for the Exelixis Drosophila Stock Collection at Harvard Medical School (short name Harvard), but not for other laboratory collections.
State of Stock This section is only displayed if it is populated with data.

A single controlled vocabulary term from the FlyBase Controlled Vocabulary that describes the state of the stock, typically "living stock".

To Request Stock Instructions for requesting the stock, with a link to a web order form if available.