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Single Cell RNA-seq Data Portals

Resource Description Author/Source
DRscDB DRscDB was built based on the information curated from Drosophila scRNA-seq publications and selected publications from other major model organisms (zebrafish, mouse and human) relevant to the tissue types that are common among the species chosen. Users can mine and compare the gene expression profiles at single-cell level across studies, tissues and species for any input gene. Users can also use DRscDB to analyze an input gene list, looking for marker genes enriched in tissues and cell types based in the same or other species. This makes it possible to compare different datasets across studies, tissues and species, and can facilitate cell type assignment for clusters identified from newly obtained scRNA-seq datasets. DRSC, Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA, USA
SCEA Single Cell Expression Atlas (SCEA) is an open science bioinformatics resource that provides free access to gene expression data generated in experiments performed in different laboratories around the world at single cell resolution. The SCEA reprocesses raw scRNA-Seq data in a standardised way, in-house, and provides to the life sciences community uniform gene expression data across multiple species that are available both for download and for exploration via gene-oriented queries and visualisation online. The Atlas includes data from all popular single cell RNA-seq technologies, including SMART-like and Droplet. Fly datasets in SCEA can be accessed directly at [1] SCEA
EMBL-EBI, Wellcome Genome Campus
Hinxton, UK