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=Listing of all resources=
=Listing of all resources=
==Drosophila Network Resources==
===Drosophila Network Resources===
==Drosophila Material Resources==
===Drosophila Material Resources===
[[Category:Public Resources]]
[[Category:Public Resources]]

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Model Organisms

Database Organism Organism (Genus and species)
BeeBase Honey Bee Apis mellifera
BeetleBase Red Flour Beetle Tribolium castaneum
DictyBase Soil Amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum
EcoCyc Bacteria Escherichia coli
Gramene Grasses
MGI Mouse Mus musculus
OMIM Human Homo sapiens
SGD Budding Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
S. pombe GeneDB Fission Yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe
TAIR Mouse-ear cress Arabidopsis thaliana
VectorBase Mosquitos and Deer Tick Anopheles gambiae, Aedes aegypti, Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus, Ixodes scapularis
WormBase Round worms Caenorhabditis
ZFIN Zebrafish Danio rerio

Related Projects

Gene Ontology (GO)
BDGP (Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project)
DGRC (Drosophila Genomics Resource Center)
DIS by issue
Interactive Fly
Textpresso for Fly

Stock Collections

D. melanogaster Collections

Exelixis (Harvard)
GDP (Baylor)

Species Collections

UC San Diego

Other public collections

Drosophila Gene Search Project
Information about ordering P{GS} lines can be found at http://gsdb.biol.metro-u.ac.jp/~dclust/index.html
Ehime Drosophila Species Stock Center of Japan
A collection of wild-type strains of D. melanogaster and strains of some 30 species can be found at http://kyotofly.kit.ac.jp/ehime/
FlyTrap Stock Collection
GFP protein trap lines from the FlyTrap project can be obtained at Yale University, USA at http://flytrap.med.yale.edu/
FlyView Stock Collection
Enhancer trap lines from the FlyView project can be obtained at University of Muenster, Germany at http://flyview.uni-muenster.de/
A collection of mutant and wildtype stocks of Drosophila species, especially the Drosophila ananassae species subgroup, D. auraria complex, and D. hydei. http://kyotofly.kit.jp/cgi-bin/kyorin/index.cgi
Tübingen Drosophila Stock Collection
A list of approximately 2,000 Drosophila stocks at the Max-Planck-Institute for Developmental Biology.
UC San Diego Drosophila Stock Center
Approximately 270 different Drosophila species at University of San Diego, USA can be obtained at https://stockcenter.ucsd.edu/info/welcome.php
University of Cambridge FlyProt project
Annotations, expression patterns and sequence data for the YFP protein trap lines from the FlyProt project can be viewed on the Flannotator at http://www.flyprot.org. Stocks are available from the Kyoto Stock Center.

Vectors and Constructs


Listing of all resources

Drosophila Network Resources

Drosophila Material Resources