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Personal communications to FlyBase

The policy of FlyBase with respect to the incorporation of unpublished data into the database is as follows. Data will only be considered for curation if available to FlyBase in written or electronic form. FlyBase will not capture data from oral presentations at meetings or seminars, from posters or by word of mouth (we will, however, curate published abstracts). If colleagues wish unpublished data to be considered for incorporation into FlyBase then those data must be submitted to FlyBase in writing or by using the contact FlyBase form (electronic submissions are strongly preferred). Each personal communication will be assigned a FlyBase reference (FBrf) identifier number, and the data will be tied to this citation in the database. These references will appear in the FlyBase bibliographic files, and become citable publications upon entry into the public FlyBase database. Personal communications received in written form (i.e. not electronically) will be archived by FlyBase. For personal communications that have been sent by e-mail, the full text of the communication will be present within the Reference Report. We encourage the citation of these personal communications in the literature in the form:

Gelbart, W.M. (1994). Personal communication to FlyBase.<>

Personal communications are incorporated into the FlyBase bibliography and can be searched using either the QuickSearch or the QueryBuilder tool.