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Databases of expression, anatomy and physiology

Resource Description Author/Source
BrainBase Database of images and annotations of expression for VT and enhancer trap GAL4 lines Barry Dickson Lab
formerly at Institute of Molecular Pathology
Vienna, Austria
Biomedical Visualization Group
Vienna, Austria
BrainTrap Database with expression of protein trap lines in the adult brain Knowles-Barley et al., 2010
FlyBrain Neuron NDB Database of neuron, strain, antibody and brain regions data. Laboratory of Structural Information
Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biosciences
The University of Tokyo
Tokyo, Japan
FlyCircuit Database for online archiving, cell type inventory, browsing, searching, analysis and 3D visualization of individual neuron images in the adult brain Chiang et al., 2011
FlyLight GAL4 lines Database of expression patterns of GAL4 and LexA driver lines from Janelia Research Campus Janelia FlyLight Project Team
Gerry Rubin Lab
James Truman Lab
Richard Mann Lab
Chris Doe Lab
Janelia Research Campus
Virginia, USA
FlyLight Split GAL4 lines Database of expression patterns of Split GAL4 lines from Janelia Research Campus Janelia FlyLight Project Team
Gerry Rubin Lab
Janelia Research Campus
Virginia, USA
Fly Trap Database of classical P(GAL4) enhancer traps imaged in head sections Armstrong Lab
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, UK
DoOR Database of odorant responses in Drosophila Munch and Galizia, 2016
NeuroMorpho Curated inventory of digitally reconstructed neurons associated with peer-reviewed publications Ascoli et al., 2007
Insect Brain Database Database of single neurons and brains for several insect species Uwe Homberg Lab
Randolf Menzel Lab
Marie Dacke/Basil el Jundi Labs
Bente Berg Lab
Stanley Heinze Lab

For viewing, analysing and querying images

Resource Description Author/Source
Virtual Fly Brain Interactive tool for neurobiologists to explore the detailed neuroanatomy, neuron connectivity and gene expression of Drosophila melanogaster Milyaev et al., 2012
BrainGazer Desktop interactive tool for advanced visualization and exploration of neural circuit data Bruckner et al., 2009
NBLAST Tool to search for similar neurons by morphology and location Costa et al., 2014
Bridging registrations This site provides the tools to transform image data from one template brain (adult Drosophila) to another, using a bridging registration. Manton et al., 2014
Braincode Automated segmentation of the Drosophila brain to identify "functional units" Panser et al., 2015

Interactive maps

Resource Description Author/Source
FlyPNS Description of embryonic and larval sensory organs of D. melanogaster in abdominal segments A1-A7 Orgogozo and Grueber, 2005
Embryonic and larval neuroblasts and lineages Interactive maps of the embryonic and larval neuroblasts and lineages Christof Rickert
University of Mainz
Mainz, Germany
Adult antennal lobe 3D model 3D model of adult antennal lobe Rybak et al., 2016

Nomenclature and protocols

Resource Description Author/Source
BrainName Standard nomenclature of the adult brain Ito et al., 2014
Immunostaining of adult brains This protocol describes the dissection, staining, and imaging of adult brains from Drosophila with mosaic labeling Ostrovsky et al., 2013
Image registration of adult brains This protocol describes the practical steps required for an intensity-based nonlinear registration of the Drosophila brain using the staining for the presynaptic marker Bruchpilot (nc82) Ostrovsky et al., 2013

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