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Biocurator/Ontologist (Cambridge UK site)

We are seeking to recruit a biocurator/ontologist to contribute to two Drosophila databases: Virtual Fly Brain (VFB) and FlyBase. If you are looking for a fulfilling, fly-related career away from the bench, and enjoy the challenge of organizing complex data and presenting it clearly and concisely, then this is the job for you! We will train the new recruit in biocuration and editing of controlled vocabularies (ontologies).

Virtual Fly Brain is a resource that helps biologists make sense of the vast amount of data in this field by enabling scientists to map and visualize neuronal circuits, and find the experimental reagents to target them.

Virtual Fly Brain works closely with FlyBase, the primary community resource for Drosophila genetic, genomic and functional data. The main responsibility of the FlyBase-Cambridge site is to identify relevant data from scientific articles and to record and organize these data in a systematic manner.

The work will include:

  • Synthesising information from the literature to extend the representation of Drosophila anatomy and phenotypes in VFB and FlyBase, with a particular emphasis on neuro-anatomy and behavioural phenotypes.
  • Curating image, connectomics and phenotype data into VFB and FlyBase
  • Curation of genotype information from the literature into FlyBase
  • Contributing to the design and functionality of Virtual Fly Brain and FlyBase
  • Presenting the work of VFB or FlyBase at conferences and in publications

For further details and to apply, please visit: