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Genome Database Curator

FlyBase, Harvard University

FlyBase seeks a full-time scientific curator/annotator to join our team at the Gelbart Lab in the Department for Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard. Curational responsibilities at the Harvard site include the scanning and abstracting of scientific literature on the molecular biology of Drosophila, annotation and analysis of Drosophila genome(s), coordination of the inclusion of high-throughput molecular data sets into FlyBase, and design of improved interfaces for providing molecular data to users. Curators work as a part of a team, interacting with biologists at other FlyBase sites, and coordinating with software engineers to develop and improve software. Curators also interface with the scientific community, assisting users on line and at research conference workshops. FlyBase is constantly evolving, seeking both to improve and to expand its role within the Drosophila and wider scientific communities. This position is grant-funded.

Basic Qualifications: Ph.D. in molecular biology or genetics. Minimum three years experience with molecular genetics and Drosophila biology.

Additional Qualifications: Extensive Drosophilia research experience. Excellent communication skills in the English language, both written and oral. Enthusiasm, expertise and ideas concerning emerging directions in Drosophila biology and genomic/proteomic analysis. Familiarity with managing databases or spreadsheets and standardized formats (for example, GFF3, FASTA).

To Apply: Apply for this position at ASPIRE, the Harvard Recruitment Management System:

In addition, please contact William Gelbart (gelbart<at>, and include a CV, a description of research experience and names of three references. Please cc your communication to senior curator Lynn Crosby (crosby<at> and to the project administrative assistant, Carol Sutherland (casuther<at>

Drosophila Literature Analyst (part-time)

FlyBase, University of Cambridge, UK

FlyBase seeks a part-time (50-75%) literature analyst to join our group at the University of Cambridge, UK ( This is an office-based post away from the bench, assisting fruit fly (Drosophila) research by contributing to the FlyBase database of genetic and genomic data.

The primary aim of FlyBase-Cambridge is to identify biological data from scientific articles concerning Drosophila and to record these data in a systematic manner. Curated data are subsequently integrated into the FlyBase database and website to aid the international research community. The successful applicant will contribute to this effort in one or more ways, depending on their expertise. Possible roles include: rapid reading of Drosophila review articles to record genes mentioned therein; recording information about Drosophila models of human disease; focused analysis and annotation of sets of related genes: or contributing to revisions of existing data in the database.

Essential skills/experience include:

  • a biological sciences degree
  • research experience using Drosophila
  • strong organizational skills and the ability to work with attention to detail
  • good communication skills
  • excellent English
  • strong self-motivation as well as the ability to work in a team

Useful skills/experience include:

  • familiarity with databases
  • programming
  • annotation/curation experience

Please see full advert here:

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