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('Drosophila Neuroanatomy Biocurator')
(Drosophila Neuroanatomy Biocurator)
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== Drosophila Neuroanatomy Biocurator ==
There are no open positions at this time.
We are seeking to recruit a new member to our team at the University of Cambridge that contributes to two Drosophila databases: Virtual Fly Brain (VFB; http://virtualflybrain.org) and FlyBase (http://flybase.org/).
Virtual Fly Brain is a resource that helps Drosophila neuroscientists map and visualize neuronal circuits, and find the experimental reagents to manipulate the circuits to reveal their role in perception, learning, memory and complex behaviours. The successful applicant will aid this process in three ways: 1) by annotating the expression of Gal4 drivers within the adult brain, using data from large scale datasets and the primary research literature; 2) assisting in the integration of data from single-cell RNA sequencing datasets; and 3) leading the effort to assess the functionality of improvements to the website, by recruiting members of the local neuroscience community and working with them and other VFB members to perform usability testing of the website. Much of the curated data will also be integrated into FlyBase, the primary community resource for Drosophila genetic, genomic and functional data. You will interact day to day with the rest of the expert scientist-curators in the Virtual Fly Brain and FlyBase team, housed in the Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience, and VFB colleagues in the Cambridge area and Edinburgh. Members of VFB and FlyBase will provide appropriate training.
More details and a link to the application form can be found here:

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There are no open positions at this time.