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Roote & Prokop Mating Scheme Training Package ... Mar 2013

New to flies and need to learn how to design a genetic mating scheme? Thanks to John Roote and Andreas Prokop, there is now a four-part training package available. Explained in their recent G3 paper, this package is designed to ensure that basic knowledge on all key areas is covered in a concise and informative manner. First, a manual introduces the trainee to key topics including fly history, rationale for mating schemes, fly handling, markers and balancers, and transgenic technologies. This self-study section is followed by a practical training session on gender and marker selection, introducing real flies under the dissecting microscope. Next, through self-study of a PowerPoint presentation, trainees are guided step-by-step through a mating scheme. Finally, to consolidate knowledge, trainees are asked to design similar mating schemes reflecting routine tasks in a fly laboratory.

More info about the resource can be found here:

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