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Atlases, Images and Videos


Data Repositories

Data and Metadata for Drosophila Genomes

Gene Expression Databases and Tools

Gene Groups

General Bioinformatics Tools

Genome Sequencing Projects

Human Disease: Drosophila Models and Orthologous Genes

Interaction and Pathway Databases

Laboratory Resources


ncRNA Databases and Tools

NOTE - mirBase Release 21 (June 2014) uses old reference genome assemblies for D. melanogaster (Dmel_Release_5), D. simulans (Dsim_Release_1) and D. pseudoobscura (Dpse_Release_2). Linkouts from D. melanogaster miRNA genes to the Ensembl Genome browser (which displays Dmel_Release_6) will point to the old "Release_5" coordinates, which will be off the mark for many genes, especially those on X, 2R, 3R and 4 chromosomes.

Ontology Resources

Orthology Predictions

Phylogenetic Comparison Tools

Population Biology and Polymorphism Resources

Protein Analysis

Public Education


Sequence Analysis


Transcription Regulation Databases and Tools

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