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Genomic Clones

BAC Genomic clones and Filters

  • The RPCI-98 Drosophila melanogaster BAC Library (17,540 clones in pBACe3.6; average clone size is 160-Kb), which was made from DNA of the same y1 ; cn1 bw1 sp1 stock as that used for the Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project P1 clones, is available from BACPAC Resources. This BACR library was made for the BDGP by K. Osoegawa, A. Mammoser, and P. de Jong.
  • Clones from two genomic BAC libraries (83 kb and 21 kb average clone size) engineered into the attB-P[acman]-CmR-BW vector, a special adaptation of P[acman], are also available from P(acman) Resources.
  • For information and resources related to the P[acman] recombineering technique see: P(acman) Resources

Fosmid CDS-GFP-tagged clones

  • The Drosophila TransgeneOme Fosmid Library (a genome-scale collection of ~10,000 validated clones covering ~9600 genes (73% of the Drosophila proteome)), is a comprehensive genome-wide library of C-terminally tagged proteins within genomic fosmid constructs. The tagging cassette comprises affinity tags, protease sites and GFP suitable for protein localisation and complex purification studies. Transgenic lines have been generated for about 900 of these clones and are available at Vienna Drosophila Resource Center (VDRC).

YAC Genomic clones

A complete set of YAC clones is maintained by Ian Duncan and clones may be requested from him.


Ian W. Duncan,
Department of Biology,
Box 1137,
Washington University,
St. Louis, MO 63130-4899.
Telephone (1)-314-935-6719;

Sibling Species Genomic Libraries

Fosmid Libraries from BACPAC Resources

Genomic fosmid libraries were constructed for the BDGP by Andreas Gnirke at Exelixis, Inc. (South San Francisco) from Drosophila erecta, D. pseudoobscura, D. virilis, and D. willistoni. The fosmid libraries are available from BACPAC Resources for erecta, pseudoobscura ,virilis, and willistoni.

cDNA (EST Clones and Libraries)

  • Drosophila Genomics Resource Center (DGRC)
    Collects and distributes DNA clones, including vectors, cDNAs, and ESTs. Collections include BDGP Gold, BDGP Tagged ORF, Extracellular Domain, FlyBi ORFeome, BDGP DGC, BDGP EST, BDGP ORF, iPCR(IP), Testis cDNA, CuraGen, and Drosophila Species ESTs/cDNAs. More information is available at DGRC.
  • addgene
    Addgene helps labs archive and share their plasmids that have appeared in publications.
    addgene fly
  • Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project
    Information on cDNA availability can also be found here BDGP Resources.
  • Brian Oliver Laboratory
    Testis cDNA clones and/or filters constructed in Brian Oliver's laboratory at the NIH are available at the DGRC.
  • cDNA library aliquots
    Aliquots from a number of the BDGP cDNA libraries are available from the labs on this list.

Additional DNA Reagents and Resources

Arrays and Primers

  • Affymetrix
    The Affymetrix GeneChip Drosophila Genome 2.0 Array for gene expression analysis based on Release 3.1 annotations can be obtained at Genome 2.0 Array.
  • Drosophila Genomics Resource Center (DGRC)
    No longer produces and distributes DNA microarray slides but maintains a microarray support archive. See DGRC.
  • FlyPrimerBank
    An online database for Drosophila melanogaster gene expression analysis and knockdown evaluation of RNAi reagents. More information is available at DRSC FlyPrimer Bank


  • Please see our dedicated Stocks resource page.

CRISPR Vectors

  • Please see our dedicated CRISPR resource page.

Expression Vectors

  • Drosophila Gateway Vectors
    A set of 68 Gateway-based vectors designed to express epitope-tagged proteins in Drosophila culture cells or flies, available at the DGRC
  • ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies
    ExpreS2ion Biotechnologies has developed an "improved drosophila S2 insect cell expression system" and are offering services such as protein expression and purification. The ExpreS2 Platform
  • Creative Biogene
    Creative Biogene offers Lentiviral systems for creating stable cell lines. See Custom Lentivirus Service

Cell Lines and Hybridomas


  • Please see our dedicated Antibodies resource page.

Transgenic, Targeted Mutation, and Other Services

  • Aktogen behaviour genetic services
    Aktogen at Cambridge University offers a wide range of services to the fruit fly community such as behaviour tests, behaviour and other equipment, custom made genetic constructs and transgenic services. Aktogen
  • BestGene Transgenic Service
    The BestGene Drosophila Embryo Injection service provides partial to full service ranging from DNA preparation, embryo microinjection to balancing crosses. More information is available at BestGene.
  • C-CAMP Centre for Cellular and Molecular Platforms
    A Bangalore-based fly facility housed in NCBS offering Drosophila services ranging from transgenesis to screening. More information is available at C_CAMP.
  • Fly Facility
    Fly Facility located at the Universite d'Auvergne Clermont-Ferrand I, France, provides a transgenesis and dsRNA microinjection service. More information is available at Fly Facility.
  • GenetiVision Corporation
    GenetiVision offers a wide range of transgenic and molecular biology services, including P-element transgenesis and Phi-C31 mediated site-specific integration, CRISPR design and construct building, RMCE, MiMIC, and more. Please see Genetivision for complete details.
  • The Genome Engineering Production Group
    The GEPG at Harvard Medical School currently builds custom CRISPR sgRNA constructs for knock-out, knock-in or other projects. GEPB
  • GenScript
    A US based company offering gene construction, mutagenesis and subcloning services, as well as a large array of other products and services. GenScript
  • Rainbow Transgenic Flies
    Rainbow Transgenic Flies provides professional microinjection services to the fly community. More information is available at Rainbow Transgenic Flies.
  • Union Biometrica
    COPAS Select flow cytometry instruments are able to analyze and dispense Drosophila embryos on the basis of size and fluorescent signals. More information is available at Union Biometrica.


Clontech of BD Biosciences offers D. melanogaster adult Poly A RNA at TaKaRa.


  • Please see our dedicated RNAi resource page.

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