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Genomic Clones

BAC Genomic clones and Filters

  • One BAC clone library made from DNA of the same y1 ; cn1 bw1 sp1 stock as was used for the Berkeley Drosophila Genome Project P1 clones is available. This BACR library was made for the BDGP by K. Osoegawa, A. Mammoser, and P. de Jong.
  • BACR clones (18,432 clones in pBACe3.6; average clone size is 160-Kb) are available from BACPAC Resources at:
  • Clones from two genomic BAC libraries (83 kb and 21 kb average clone size) engineered into the attB-P(acman)-CmR-BW vector, a special adaptation of P[acman], are also available from BACPAC Resources see:
  • For information and resources related to the P[acman] recombineering technique see:

cDNA (EST Clones and Libraries

Arrays and Primers


Expression Vectors

Cell Lines and Hybridomas




Transgenic, Targeted Mutation, and Other Services