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Table of Differences between features available in FlyBase JBrowse and GBrowse

Information about GBrowse is only relevant to users of an archived instance of FlyBase earlier than FB2022_05.

For users working with the current release at, please see our page about FlyBase:JBrowse, the genome viewer that replaced GBrowse.

Feature Present in GBrowse (?) Present in JBrowse (?)
Track Selection
Tracks selection panel on same page as genome browser Yes
Uploadable files GFF, bed GFF, bed,bigWig
Drosophila Species
Dsim, Dpse, Dana, Dvir available Yes Yes
Other Non-Dmel species available Yes
General Features
Option to flip strand orientation Yes
Option to save view and share as a URL Yes
Choose normal, compressed, or compact view for tracks Yes
Option to pin a track to the top of the view Yes
Option to create combined tracks Yes
Ability to search for sequence strings Yes
Retrieve Region Data in alternative format
Retrieve decorated FASTA Yes
HTML table view available Yes
Save region data as BED file or Sequin Table (both offer GFF) Yes
Data Available
Transcription Start Sites Yes subset
Genome Variation Yes
sgRNA Reagents subset Yes
Chromatin domains Yes
Gene predictions Yes
Protein similarity Yes
Microarray features Yes
Aberrations Yes subset
BAC data Yes
Complete list of track differences