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Last Updated: 12 December 2017

The Dataset Report provides information on large datasets or reagent collections. Large datasets are represented as distinct but related components, each a distinct FlyBase entity with its own tailored report: the "biosample" (biological source material), the "assay" (generation of raw data from a biosample) and the "result" (analyses of data generated by an assay, or other results). A "project" report groups together related reagent collections, or related datasets from a single study.

More information forthcoming.

Synonyms & Secondary IDs

Reported As

Field Report Types Description
Symbol Synonym all A list of symbols that have been used in the literature, or by FlyBase, to describe the dataset.

Secondary FlyBase IDs

For all dataset report types, a list of Secondary FlyBase identifier numbers of the dataset. If a dataset has a secondary identifier number, it generally indicates that at some point it has been merged with or split from other entries in the database.


For all dataset report types, a list of references to which all data in the report is attributed. The number in the section title indicates the total number of references. The left margin allows filtering of references by reference type.