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Data Tracks present in GBrowse but not in JBrowse

Gene Predictions
Protein Similarity
Similarity to Dmel proteins
Similarity to Other proteins
RNA-Seq Developmental Stages, unstranded (Baylor)
Configure RNA-Seq view (log2 or linear scaling, tilted or vertical tracks, track spacing, track selection)
Other Reagents
BAC clones (Tiling)
Restriction Sites

Data Tracks present in JBrowse but not in GBrowse

Aligned Evidence
proteomic peptides
Polyadenylation sites
Noncoding Features
Putative Brain Enhancers (Janelia GAL4 lines)
Genome Variation Data
DGRP Variants
sgRNA Reagents
Predicted sgRNA
Heidelberg CFD KO sgRNAs (conditional knockout)
TRiP-OE-flySAM.dCas9 sgRNAs (overexpression)
Weizmann KO sgRNAs (knockout)
Expression Levels: RNA-Seq
SRA aggregated RNA-Seq (Oliver lab)
FlyAtlas2 (various tissues)
Expression Levels: Small RNA-Seq
FlyAtlas2 (various tissues)