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Complete list of Data Tracks present in GBrowse but not in JBrowse

Basic Tracks
CDS track
Restriction Sites
Transcription Start Sites
RAMPAGE (stage specific)
Mapped Mutations
Transgenic insertions in stocks (Bloomington, Kyoto, Harvard Medical School)
Gene Predictions
Gene Predictions (NCBI Gnomon, CONTRAST, PhyloCSF)
Protein Similarity
Similarity to Dmel proteins
Similarity to Other proteins
Noncoding Features
TFBS - mesoderm
Chromatin Domains
Histone Modifications
Microarray Features
DGRC amplicons
RNA-Seq Developmental Stages, unstranded (Baylor)
Track identities available in color-coded table
Configure RNA-Seq view (log2 or linear scaling, tilted or vertical tracks, track spacing, track selection)
Stock Center Aberrations
Bloomington Deficiency Kit
Other Reagents
BAC clones (Tiling, Pacman)
VDRC Vienna Tiles GAL4 lines

Data Tracks present in JBrowse but not in GBrowse

Genome Variation Data
DGRP Variants
sgRNA Reagents
Predicted sgRNA