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What is the FlyBase Community Advisory Group?

The FlyBase Community Advisory Group (FCAG) was launched in September 2014 with the aim of gaining greater feedback from the community about changes in FlyBase.

You may not know that FlyBase is generated by a team of 30 people, working at Harvard, Indiana, New Mexico and Cambridge Universities. As the members of the FlyBase team work to improve the amount and usefulness of data in FlyBase, numerous questions arise regarding which data are the most important for Drosophila researchers and how we can most usefully present these data on the website. While we do our best to make changes that will be optimal for all Drosophila researchers, we wanted to be able to consult more widely so that we could be sure that our decisions would be helpful for the greatest number of people.

The group consists of representatives from any lab worldwide that uses FlyBase as part of its research. The representative can be the lab head, a postdoc, student, technician or anyone else who uses FlyBase and feels that they could contribute. FlyBase attracts users from a variety of different backgrounds and our members range from frequent FlyBase users to those who use FlyBase only occasionally or who work primarily with another organism.

Members of the group are sent up to 6 surveys a year on a variety of different subjects (see the Surveys section below for details of subjects that have been covered so far).

Current membership

As of 7th July 2015 the FlyBase Community Advisory Group comprised 558 fly researchers from 42 different countries.

Country Number of members Country Number of members
United States 210 Chile 3
United Kingdom 69 Finland 3
Germany 43 Mexico 3
France 28 Netherlands 3
Canada 20 Portugal 3
China 19 Argentina 2
India 19 Belgium 2
Spain 17 New Zealand 2
Japan 13 Poland 2
Italy 12 Singapore 2
Brazil 11 Taiwan 2
Sweden 9 Thailand 2
Australia 7 Colombia 1
Hungary 6 Cyprus 1
Israel 6 Czech Republic 1
South Korea 6 Estonia 1
Switzerland 6 Ireland 1
Denmark 5 Malta 1
Greece 5 Norway 1
Russia 5 Ukraine 1
Austria 4 Uruguay 1

Joining the group

Our aim is to have a representative from every lab that uses FlyBase in their research. If your lab has not yet signed up and you are interested in representing your group click on the link below to fill in the registration form.

Updating your details (current members)

If you are an existing member of the group and you would like to update your details click here to go to our contact FlyBase form and choose the subject ‘FlyBase Community Advisory Group’, detailing the changes you would like to make.


Date Subject Number of responses Results
October 2014
  • How you use FlyBase and how it could be improved
  • The automatically generated gene summaries on the gene report
  • Receiving updates from FlyBase


File:FCAG introductory survey results.pdf

January 2015
  • New 'Gene Group' resource


File:FCAG GeneGroup survey results.pdf

May 2015
  • Complex mutants and transgenic constructs


File:FCAG construct survey full results.pdf

FCAG construct survey results summary heatmap

July 2015
  • Default tracks on GBrowse


File:GBrowse default tracks survey results.pdf