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Last Updated: 13 December 2017

The Cell Line Report contains the information for an individual cell line.

This is a field-by-field guide to the information provided in the Cell Line Report.

FlyBase attributes data to the publication that reported it, so that users can easily refer back to the original publication if they wish. Thus, where possible in the fields below, the publication(s) that are the source of the information are listed, typically in parentheses to the right of the data.

General Information

Symbol The valid symbol that is used in FlyBase.
Species The organism that the cell line originates from, with the initial letter of the genus and the full species name listed.
Feature type The type of feature described in the report. In this case, "cultured cell-line".
FlyBase ID The Primary FlyBase identifier number of the cell line, used to uniquely identify the cell line in the database.

A cell line may also have any number of Secondary FlyBase identifier numbers, which are listed in the Secondary FlyBase IDs section of the Cell line Report.

Source The genotype of the animal from which the cell line originated.
Tissue Source The tissue from which the cell line originated.
Developmental Stage The developmental stage of the tissue from which the cell line originated.
Lab of origin The lab from which the cell line originated.

Recent Updates

This section contains items that were added to this record for each release. It currently only tracks new links between this FlyBase report and other FlyBase data classes (e.g. genes, references, stocks) or controlled vocabulary terms (e.g. GO, anatomy terms).


Sex The sex of the cell line (with a comment on the basis for this claim).
Karyotype Karyotypic characterization (for example, "haploid").

Integrated constructs

A list of any constructs integrated into the genome of the cell line (features of type "transposable_element_insertion_site").


Miscellaneous free text comments about the cell line.

Parental Lines

The parental cell line from which this cell line originated, and the method of derivation.

Method of derivation Definition
transformed_from cell line (report subject) was derived from a parental line by transformation with a plasmid
selected_from cell line (report subject) was grown in the presence of a selective agent, resulting in the selection of a subpopulation of cells with properties distinct from those of the parental line
cloned_from cell line (report subject) was derived from a single cell of a pre-existing cell line, without transformation or selection
targeted_mutant_from cell line (report subject) was transformed in a manner designed to cause a targeted mutation
isolate_of cell line (report subject) was grown for an extended period of time independently of other populations of cells that came from the same starting cell line, without cloning, transformation, or selection

Descendent Lines

Any cell lines derived from this cell line, and the method of derivation.

External Stocks and Resources

Links to cell line stocks at external resources (for example, the DGRC).

Synonyms and Secondary IDs

Reported As

Symbol Synonym A list of symbols that have been used in the literature, or by FlyBase, to describe the cell line.

Secondary FlyBase IDs

A list of Secondary FlyBase identifier numbers of the cell line.


A list of publications that discuss the cell line, subdivided into fields by type of publication. Only fields containing data are displayed in an individual Cell Line Report.