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|style="background: #efefef;"| [https://www.biocompare.com/Antibodies/ BioCompare]
|style="background: #efefef;"| [https://www.biocompare.com/Antibodies/ BioCompare]
|style="background: #efefef;"| [https://landing.benchsci.com/academic BenchSci AI literature screen for Antibodies]
|style="background: #efefef;"| [https://landing.benchsci.com/academic BenchSci AI literature screen for Antibodies]

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Review antibodies tested in Drosophila.


pAbmAbs, a self-described Tripadvisor for antibodies, is a nonprofit resource to help researchers identify antibodies that work well, or do not work well, for their particular application by cataloguing both positive and negative community-submitted antibody reviews. FlyBase is working with pAbmAbs in an effort to increase the number of reviews submitted by Drosophila researchers and thereby increase pAbmAbs’ usefulness to the fly community. Submitting antibody reviews is easy and takes only a few minutes; we’ve even compiled some guidelines for you below. For your convenience, you may fill in this spreadsheet and email it to Simon at pAbmAbs for 'concierge' entry into the pAbmAbs database. Alternatively, you may go to the pAbmAbs website and enter antibody reviews individually yourself.

Suggested details to include in antibody reviews:

  • Antibody name
  • Source/Vendor
  • Catalog number
  • Original antigen
  • Drosophila target/ortholog
  • Assay
  • Tissue/Cell line
  • Antibody dilution/concentration
  • Important experimental details (e.g. fixation conditions)
  • Reference, if published

Please note that all submitted reviews are screened by pAbmAbs so there may be a delay between submission and appearance on the website.

Metasearches for antibodies.

BenchSci AI literature screen for Antibodies

Links to collections of Drosophila-specific antibodies.

Resource Author/Source
Abbiotec San Diego, CA, USA
Abcam Cambridge, MA, USA
Acris Antibodies San Diego, CA, USA
Herford, Germany
Active Motif Carlsbad, CA, USA
International Locations
Antibodypedia Vancouver, BC, Canada
Antibody Registry RINL Resource Identification Initiative
Antibody Validation Database University of California San Diego
San Diego, CA, USA
Biorbyt Cambridge, UK
Cell Signaling Technology Danvers, MA, USA
International Locations
Creative Biolabs Modelorg Antibody Shirley, NY, USA
Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank (DSHB) University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA, USA
FabGennix Frisco, TX, USA
GeneTex Irvine, CA, USA
International Locations
MilliporeSigma International Locations
Novus Littleton, CO, USA
ProSci Poway, CA, USA
R&D Systems Minneapolis, MN, USA
R&D Systems Minneapolis, MN, USA
Santa Cruz Biotechnology Dallas, Texas, USA
Sigma Aldrich (additional link) St. Louis, MO, USA
International Locations
US Biological International Locations

Links to vendors whose collections include Drosophila-specific antibodies.

The table below contains non-direct Drosophila antibody links; additional searching is required from the vendor website.

Resource Author/Source
Abgent San Diego, CA, USA
Suzhou city, Jiangsu Province, China
antibodies-online International Locations
Enzo Life Sciences Farmingdale, NY, USA
LifeSpan BioSciences Seattle, WA, USA
Thermo Fisher Waltham, MA, USA

Lab-generated antibodies in Gene Reports

Antibodies generated by research laboratories for specific proteins are listed in their respective Gene Report under "Stocks and Reagents" → "Antibody Information".
For example, the following screenshot is taken from the Notch gene report:


If no antibodies exist or they have not yet been curated, this section will be empty.

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