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* and Misc.  
* and Misc.  
<big>'''[[FlyBase:Drosophila Material Resources|Drosophila Material Resouces (Reagents)]]'''</big>
<big>'''[[FlyBase:Drosophila Material Resources|Drosophila Material Resources (Reagents)]]'''</big>

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Drosophila Network Resources


  • Comparative Analyses and Genomie Databases
  • Sequence Traces of Drosophila Genomes
  • Genetic and Protein Interactioj Databases
  • Sequence Analysis
  • Atlases, Images, and videos
  • and Misc.

Drosophila Material Resources (Reagents)


  • Genomic Clones
  • cDNA (EST Clones and Libraries)
  • Arrays and Primers
  • Stocks
  • Expression Vectors
  • Cell Lines and Hybridomas
  • Antibodies
  • Transgenic, Targeted Mutation, and Other Services
  • RNA
  • RNAi